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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Starving Chiweenie Plea

Ever since our last dog vet visits, one thing is apparent, with me as the sole exception, the rest of the pack needs to lose weight. The chiweenie, Frankie, didn't take the news very well. She does not consider herself in any way overweight so she's rather upset about having to go on a diet. M is determined. She realizes the dangers lurking behind dog obesity and wants to keep the pack healthy and happy for as long as possible.
According to the dog vet, the chiweenie, has to lose ONE pound. One pound may not seem much to most but considering that the chiweenie's weight is only NINE pounds . . .
. . . it's a bit much. 

The "diet" was going well, until last Monday. M had been cutting back Frankie's caloric intake slowly but surely. On Monday we were moving so there were lots of people in our home and one of them left a bean burrito on the coffee table. Frankie assumed it was for her. M was livid but there wasn't much she could do short of wearing an oxygen mask and waiting it out. This was a first. Apparently the chiweenie will be honored by having her name added to the Counter Surfers' Hall of Fame.

"I would prefer dog treats to honor."

I feel for the chiweenie, a.k.a. the brindle burrito!

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