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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ziggy's First Vet VisitS

Yesterday, at 3 PM, Sasha and Ziggy, our two Great Dane puppies, went to the vet and got their last set of puppy shots. They were exemplary and I will share photos of the sibs waiting to see the doctor. They thoroughly enjoyed their visit, did not feel any discomfort from the shots, got lots of TLC and even lots of treats! Overall, they made our pack proud!

It was close to midnight. M was holding me while admiring her sleeping babies nearby when she squealed and jumped up so fast, I was afraid she'd drop me. I looked and was shocked myself. Ziggy's face had doubled! Aha! 

Ziggy had an allergic reaction

Because Ziggy had just had his shots, M decided to take him straight to the emergency hospital. She took Sasha too with her, just so that she could observe her. The visit was brief and Ziggy was treated with a simple dose of antihistamine. He was apparently and most likely stung by a bee.

The swelling is almost gone today, but M and the danes sure could use some sleep!

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