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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacup Chihuahua Graduates From USC

Extra extra, read all about it! On May 14th, at approximately 11 o'clock, a teacup chihuahua graduated from USC. This was the first recorded incident of a chihuahua graduate in the history of the school. It was the first of many. The teacup chihuahua  graduation will be well established in the years to come. The term, coined by the first chihuahua to ever graduate was: Gradhuahua!

I will let my chihuahua pictures tell you the story.

I arrived in style, in M's purse

While I was waiting for my class to graduate, I ate a bit to keep my energy level up

The donut was a bit stale, but luckily I had some coffee to wash it down with

A good samaritan agreed to watch the chiweenie and me while M bought a lei

Instead of helping me out, sharing her canine good citizen test tips, the chiweenie . . .
well, she spent her time under a chair, classic!

I walked, with some assistance, with the other graduates

And walked . . .

And walked . . .

I was finally handed my diploma and recognition

In the end, we all got in the car, the chiweenie passed out
We were headed to the beach to continue the celebrations
To be continued

Congratulations Class of 2010! Fight on! 
Twinkie the Gradhuahua
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