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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Pet Related Incident

M woke up this morning to the following email from her beloved son who is playing professional water polo in Athens, Greece. We all heard her screams... and ran away.

The accident prone son

The email (it was addressed to all, ehem, family members):

Countrymen, proud family, friends, human beings,

Today is not as funny as yesterday. Yet. But it does bring up an interesting question. The Greeks say bird shit is good luck. I wanna know what happens when a bird shits in your eye?

Preface: Grandpa don't panic. All is ok.

Good news of the day: Gabor is here in Greece.
Bad news: no good deed goes unpunished. Driving home a bird shat -> through the sun roof -> between the gap of my head and the front of the sun roof -> and into my eye. Hence the question. Do I get EXTRA good luck once my eye is better?

I'm only laughing because it's not a big deal. Bird scat scratched my cornea and I get this awesome MacGyver eye patch for 48hours and no swimming for 3-4 days at most. I don't have to play against the easy team tomorrow (kalamaki for those of you tracking) and I'll be back just in time for the hard game Wednesday (panathanaikos).

In the meantime. I am grateful to have my good friend here. I cried more from laughter in the waiting room than from the eye itself. Lol.

All good in the hood.
Enjoy the pic!
Laugh a bit if you must,


M instantly tried to reach him, but to no avail. Several hours later--after midnight in Greece--M got the following email: April Fools!!!!


Mi familia is NUTS

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