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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pregnant Cat Emergency Foster and Catnip

You've all heard about our other cats and their catnip addiction. We decided to check out the catnip effects on our pregnant cat and the results came in rather quickly.

Not interested

We checked to make sure that catnip use on a pregnant cat is not a problem, and sure enough, it's harmless. It is safe to provide catnip to your pregnant cat. Catnip is just an herb after all. Even when the kittens are born, it is safe to have catnip around because kittens do not react to catnip at all. The only warning I read about was about rBST, the synthetic growth hormone used in dairy farming, but it's very unlikely your cat's catnip may have been treated with it. 
If our case, Farrah, our foster pregnant cat sniffed the catnip and continued on with her day's activities: lounging, rolling, trying to lick herself unsuccessfully and rolling some more, attacking M and Linguini, eating, drinking, and sleeping. We tried to introduce her to a catnip toy as well with the same results. Just not interested, but we'll keep trying to stimulate her in other ways, in our efforts to keep her fit until she delivers the kittens.
Farrah is looking huge! I will be gathering material and will post it periodically for the cat aficionados. We also got a wireless camera so we can get live feed of the "birthing room" as soon as we workout the technology kinks. At this point, we're guessing that the kittens might arrive in the next week or so, but it's really hard to be exact since Farrah was running lose in the streets until recently. I must say, even if you're not fond of cats, it's hard to resist smiling at the sight of any newborn.

Catnip effects on pregnant cat report, over!
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