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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did Somebody Say "Dog Treats"?

Another crazy day at the horse barn with the rest of the rescue dogs had us all starving! Sure, we did find a hoof clipping to munch on, some even stole some food, but the rest of us were simply dying of hunger! One of the horseback riders, was kind enough to break out the bag of dog treats. Sure, these were no Himalayan Dog Chew treats, but I get those at home regularly.

We all gathered together, around the good samaritan, waiting for out dog treats.

Madi (left), the blue heeler, got a new hairdo. I think she looks funny. I think that she thinks she looks funny too. Since her new do, she's been hiding. With the "fun police" in hiding, the rest of us get to run wild!

Of course, nobody really hides when the treat bag is opened.
Check out the clingy doxie pups.

Here you can see Boomer, the chihuahua, having moved up to an advantageous position.

Holly, the other blue heeler (right) has boubled in size since her dog adoption a few short months ago. Her mom says she could gain more. I guess Holly doesn't have to worry about dog obesity like my brindle chiweenie sissy.

Hey, guys! Make some room.

Don't worry. My entire pack got lots of dog treats too. Everyone gets both tender loving care and tender loving treats at our horse barn. It's a dog utopia. 

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