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Monday, January 11, 2010

Cat Rescue | Cat-astrophe & Cat-aclysm

This is Jet, aka Jetson, fat cat, demolition kitty, devil in disguise, "I live for my cat food", catnip rules, etc.
Last night, we had a funny incident at our house. Frankie and I were on Momma's bed, while she was in the shower, when Jet decided to leap up. She landed between the chiweenie and me, so it was clear that she wanted to play, right? Wrong, I say, guessing from Momma's face when she came out of the bathroom.
-Hey, leave Jet alone! She ordered Frankie and me. Poor Jet did seem a bit stressed sitting like a duck between the two of us.
-No! Frankie yelled and charged at Jet.
-No! I yelled and followed suit.
Momma got very upset and grabbed Jet to get her away from us. That's when she burst out laughing.
-My goodness! You're a funny cat, she said to Jet adoringly.
Apparently Jet was nothing close to horrified. She was happily purring. My hat is off to this brave kitty. But you know what they say about "brave". It can be one or the other...
Anyhow, as I was saying, Ms Jet did earn my respect yesterday and today I'd like to tell you a bit about her, our beloved cat rescue. 

In this photo, taken soon after her cat adoption, she's a teenager and she's exploring our loft.
Mom was working at a resort in Greece when she found Bob; a scrawny little brat kitten barely a week old, barely alive, in an Evian cardboard box. Bob's story is cool too, but I'll tell you about it another time. All you need to know is: cat adoption accomplished. Mom had been taking care of Bob for an entire month, trying to teach him all about cat food, even though he still favored the bottle, when one evening she heard another kitten screaming for help. By then, Momma was caring for about 20 stray cats (breakfast, dinner, deworming, the works) plus she was trying desperately to keep Bob alive because he was so sickly. That afternoon, she tried to ignore the pleading kitten cries for an entire hour. That's how long they'd lasted. Momma was pleased with herself for staying strong for once in her life. Her heart was aching, but she was trying to act tough and resist another obvious cat adoption. Her family and friends assured her she had done the right thing (by whom? I ask). Anyway, at midnight, the doorbell rang. Momma went to see who it was and found a young girl holding a big white towel.
"I heard you rescue animals and cats," the girl said.
"Aha...yeah." Mom was being skeptical, as in "what now?"
"I found this kitten," the girl tried to show the kitten that had burrowed in the towel.
"I don't see a kitten," Mom was still using all of her strength.
"It's a kitten. It's been crying all afternoon. It needs a home. Aren't you the cat rescue person?" The girl was confused because she'd obviously been told to go unload the kitten on the crazy animal lady--my mom.
"Look, I can't do this. You can deal, can't you?" Mom was not feeling very sure, but she was trying.
"I guess." The girl turned on her heels to leave when mom came to her senses. She grabbed the white towel with whatever was in it and went back in the room.

Baby Jet (and baby Bob)
The creature in the towel was a terrified and starving for cat food and milkies; it was no other than a rather feral Jet. She had come at midnight, she was totally jet-black, and she was tailless, like Bob. Because of the tail, Mom assumed Bob and Jet were twins from the same litter.
Jet, reluctantly joined the family. She was afraid of everything. Mom tried to find a good cat rescue home for both her and Bob before flying back home to Cali. She took them to a lovely home on an island where she thought they'd be safe. She situated both kitties on a large cozy balcony and sobbing the whole time, procrastinated. Finally, the lady who was going to take care of Bob and Jet accidentally almost closed a sliding glass door on Jet. This was what our Momma was looking for, an excuse. Right after this incident, Mom found a lovely vet in GR who forged Bob and Jet's papers (they were too young by law to travel) and carried them to the US and to their forever home. This was a cat rescue extravaganza and the odds were that Momma would be busted. 
"Maam? These kittens look rather small. Are you sure they're as old as the papers say they are? " An older animal control employee was asking Mom.
Uh-oh! "Well, it's a sad-sad story. They were both starved and their growth was stunted as a result. They had not cat food for weeks." Mom has no qualms to twist the truth in order to get an animal out of trouble. They were allowed to go.

Here's Jet stealing my hospital room (my crate when I was sick)
Jet eventually calmed down completely. Presently, she's so well adjusted that she gets along with everybody. Life would not be the same without my wacky fat sis who bounces off walls and creates havoc wherever she goes. Jet's even brought Mom's old computer down. She's spilled several coffees, broken speakers, mugs, a phone... She's just not very delicate, that's all; especially when she's on catnip. Nothing's done out of malice and we all know that. She also has developed an incredible technique for "getting" the rest of us. She hides in dark corners and then doinks us as we pass by. One can actually hear the thud when she gets us on the head--for real. Jet has such a presence that one can actually hear her stomping up and down the house. I thought cats were supposed to walk softly.
I know I got a bit carried away, but believe me when I say, I could write a book based on Jet's life.

Speaking of catnip effects: Jet enjoying the catnip plant we planted for her.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my illegal immigrant cat rescue sister.
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