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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Dog Spa And The Chiweenie

For the chiweenie furiends who where wondering where she was yesterday, I need to clarify. She was right there at the dog spa, with me. She had a different experience though. Let me demonstrate.

At first, the brindle chiweenie came to check on me.

She was rather concerned because I looked a bit like
a good candidate for the last train to the rainbow bridge.

Once the chiweenie made sure that I was sticking around . . .

She guarded her tiny teacup chihuahua sissy.

On one paw, I feel bad that the chiweenie didn't get to join in my dog spa treatment. On the other, I'm rather touched by her devotion.

This Saturday I'm finally going to participate on the world famous BLOG HOP!

Can't wait to check out more fun pet blogs!

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