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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ultrasonic Bark Control Systems | Stop Barking Dogs Safely

We recently posted a product review for the PetZoom. We were amazed at how effective this handheld device was, yet, it was used sparingly in our home until we became certain about certain issues, especially its safety. So how do ultrasonic bark control systems really work? How do you stop barking dogs safely?

An ultrasonic pet trainer emits an ultrasonic pitch audible to dogs and cats, but not to humans. Dogs and cats are able to hear frequencies the human ear cannot pick up.They are recommended for all dog and cats and their owners, but can also be used by innocent bikers and hikers since they claim to keep unknown animals away. Their effectiveness is generally debatable, but in our case it worked from day one. Do not forget that the best alternative to any bark control device is proper training along with daily exercise.

There are several types of ultrasonic bark control devices, but this post deals mostly with the inexpensive handheld ones because we've tested those. We were so satisfied that we're going to step this up by adding an outdoor ultrasonic bark control unit. In brief, the alternatives include the most common and readily available dog collar mounted type which, just like the other types, is activated by the sound of the bark. Some of the collar types provide a remote control unit leaving it up to the dog owner to trigger the correction. Another type of ultrasonic bark control is designed to work indoors. Those too can either be automatically triggered or controlled by the owner and they have variable  radius.

We hear all the time about mass recalls on products previously considered safe. Take spot-on dog flea treatment, for example. Many generations of canines were treated by their loving owners with this type of flea control treatment, and it wasn't until recently when the FDA announced that the majority is killing and injuring tens of thousands of dogs each year. While we can't predict what the future will bring, we still wanted to do a thorough research as to the safety of ultrasonic bark control systems. 

For starters, ultrasonic technology is FDA approved. The manufacturers and experts all concur that this type of product hasn't been around long enough, but based on it's short history in the market, it is considered safe, pet friendly, and humane. It is considered "natural" and painless. Ultrasonic pet trainers are favored over shock collars and other training devices because they are considered both harmless and effective. 

These are the only caution statements we found during our research: Never place the ultrasonic pet trainer directly next to any pet's ear or even any human's. The high intensity sound could be harmful in the same manner as any loud audible sound would when held against an ear. Never push the correction button for more than a second or two maximum. 

Wide range Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Product considerations:

Dog Silencer Pro                                  Bark Free

Now that we have witnessed the miracle of the affordable PetZoom, confirmed how it works and that it is indeed safe and humane, we're considering purchasing the Dog Silencer Pro, a unit that has a 300 foot range and that comes equipped with a remote control unit and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The unit has a built-in sensor with a 75 ft sound sensor range. Because the Dog Silencer Pro costs between $80-100, we're also considering the less expensive Bark Free unit that sells for under $50. The Bark Free unit has a range of 25 feet and does not come with a remote control but it gets good reviews. Stay tuned.

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