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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dog Allergies

There has been a general increase in allergies to humans and pets alike. At a seminar I recently attended, Liz Koskenmaki, DVM addressed the issue giving me plenty of information to pass on. Dr. Koskenmaki started out by saying that 50% of all her patients come due to allergies.

While she didn't discuss the cause of this phenomenon, she mentioned the three main dog allergy  causes and their manifestation. She also mentioned dog allergy treatment solutions for each cause.

The three main dog allergy causes are:

1. dog fleas
2. dog food allergies
3. environmental allergies

The patients may have ear issues, skin (yeast or bacterial infections), irritability, weight loss, and itching. For starters, the dog vet has to rule out three major things: ringworm, mites, and bacterial or yeast infections.

1. Allergies Caused by Dog Fleas

No dog is born with flea allergies. Flea allergy develops after exposure for a long period of time. That's why, according to vets, all canines should receive preventive dog flea control. Dog fleas are not easy to see, but that does not mean that your dog is free of them unless he's on medication. Dr. Koskenmaki suggested the use of Fronline Plus, Advantage, Advantix (caution: this one is toxic to cats!) as a way to prevent exposure to fleas, therefore overall avoidance of related dog skin allergies. When I questioned the current warnings against spot-on medications, she replied that the bad rep is due to formulations that come from other countries that are usually really cheap (she used Hartz as an example) that can indeed have devastating effects on our dogs. She also reassured me that overall, the "quality stuff" is still considered quite safe. She mentioned Fronline and Revolution as good choices, and that the only side effect she has personally seen from Frontline was minimal hair loss at the application site.

Dog food allergies are quite common. Many dogs are allergic to corn, byproducts, soy, added dyes . . . There are plenty of hypoallergenic dog food options to try first. If that does not solve your dog's food allergy issue, you should consider the possibility of protein allergies. It takes a dog about 3-5 years from birth to develop allergies to protein. In such cases, one can switch to lamb, venison, duck, rabbit, or fish dog food.  Another option to "test" protein allergies is to switch to hydrolyzed protein. Switching to a hydrolyzed protein diet is a way to diagnose food allergies, but it is not a diet your dog should be on long term. Remember, this diagnostic technique takes a while since it takes about 6 weeks for your dog's system to clear up. There are also blood tests available to diagnose dog food allergies, but they are not 100% correct.

3. Environmental Allergies

Environment related dog allergies are the worst. There is intradermal testing (skin testing) that shows exactly what your dog is allergic too. Based on those results, your vet can provide you with a special cocktail shot fit for your dog, but the process takes as long as 8 months.

Dog Allergy Treatment Suggestions

1. 30% of dogs will respond to antihistamines, which are found to be relatively safe to use even long term. 
2. Atopica: is an immunosuppresant drug with not too many side effects. It takes 2-4 weeks to work but it is not licensed for cats yet (although some vets do use it on cats).
3. Dog steroids: The results are instant BUT there are many side effects. They are tough on the liver and leave your dog prone to infections. 
4. Fish Oil for dogs: A great supplement that boosts the immune system, helps with dog allergies, strengthens the heart, brain, skin and nerves. 

Dog allergies are common and complicated to treat. This article should help guide you to think in the right direction or in the least in your communication with your personal vet.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boston Terrier Visit

Roxie stopped by for a visit, but I didn't enjoy it much. I'm a tiny delicate teacup chihuahua and she's a healthy hyper Boston terrier. I got in my dog stroller, and she still didn't get it.
I gave her a piece of my mind.

Thank dog for my dog stroller!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Twinkie | A Dog Advice Column

A dog advice column


 ‪mayziegal‬ asked...
Thank you for all your very wise advices, Twinkie Doodle. I sure didn't mean to gets Frankie in troubles with his wives. But I kinda feel a deep connection with anybuddy else who has experience bear poop first-paw.

My question is this today. Remember how I went on date night with BOTH Booker Man and Mack? But, well, Mack has kinda disappeared off Blogworld and sweet Booker has been there with me through thick and thin. Do you think it's okay to consider myself exclusive with Booker? What if Mack comes back to Blogworld? Would that be awkward?

Take care of that big brain of yours, Twinkie! I don't know where we'd be without it!

Wiggles & Wags,


TVT: I personally don't get doggie monogamy. I respect those, like Frankie Furter (ex Frankie Flirter), who take the plunge, but I wouldn't ever limit myself to one beau. One of the advantages of being of the non human species is that we get to be polygamous. Now, I'm not talking about promiscuity, I'm only referring to dating and going out for frozen yöghund and movies. Relax, dear furiend and enjoy your time with your sweet Booker. I also recommend checking out our pet photo contest entries (Show Us Your Tongue) as a form of a doggie dating site, where we all meet and greet. I've personally picked out quite a few potential dating material doggies.
When Mack comes back to blogworld, he'll be too busy making excuses (like we all do) for his long and abrupt absence, to notice who you're dating.

I highly recommend you forget about exclusivity and broaden your horizons. Have a ball!

‪Tank‬ asked...
Another fine column Ms. Twinkie. You have a real gift for being able to sort through the gibberish that dogs write and getting right at the problem. Some of these dogs are just hopeless... I notice that they're back week after week after week with one silly question after another. I wonder how you keep your sanity (not a question for your column... unless you want it to be.) I think I'd be cursing and throwing things if I had to wade through letters like this every week. Did they ever legalize medicinal marijuana out there in sunny CA? Is that your secret?

TVT: I'll be glad to respond to you, after you're off your pain meds! You silly furiend. For the record, marijuana is not a stimulant. It is a depressant and a hallucinogen. I doubt I could have seen our last contest through had I been using marijuana. As for the legalization, medicinal marijuana use is indeed legal in Cali, but come November, even recreational marijuana may be legalized (although I  doubt it). Are you planning a move?

Enjoy your legal green grass as you fully recover

‪houndstooth‬ asked...
Well, Twink, Mom likes your advice better than mine, which involved cattle prod. 

We are sitting here in the dark on a stormy night with no electricity. I was wondering, what do you think is the best way to pass the time when you're sitting around in the dark?


TVT: A power outage is the ideal time to play hide and seek. It's okay if you can't find because it's too dark. You can also have fun playing tug in the dark, and keep in mind that whatever you break doing that, will not be seen, at least for a few hours. You can also play fetch with glow in the dark dog toys,  or led toys, like the Nite Ize Led K-9 pet ball. You can work on your canine IQ by playing brain teasers. Your parents can line up a few bowls, egg cartons, boxes, hiding a treat under one. Finders, keepers! And if your parents are lazy, you can have a store-bought puzzle, such as the Nina Ottosson's Interactive Dog Toy, handy.  Another couple of fun dog puzzles you can also play in the dark are the Premier Twist and Treat Dog Toy and the Premier busy buddy Tug-a jug If you are not prepared and don't have any of the above mentioned items handy, then my best suggestion is to play the "drive your pawrents nuts" game. It's an easy and fun activity for dogs.

Don't ever consider going back to your Greek roots!
They have constant power outages over there.

‪Sonic‬ asked...
Hi Twink! My Pops enjoys your column so much that he's planning to put something similar in a magazine that he works on. But he doesn't think his client will allow him to let a dog answer questions. 

Humans are short-sighted like that, huh? Any ideas on how he can convince them that a dog is just as smart and can solve problems?


TVT: Sure, Sonic. Have your humans sniff for cancer, bombs, or drugs and see how they fare. Then, dump them at a remote location and wait for them to come home. You rest and wait. And if that doesn't cover your question, think of all the times your humans kept staring at you blankly when you were trying to tell them something. Bottom line, who picks up who's poo?

The embodiment of K9 intelligence

Mango asked...
Dear Twinkie,

I have a question for your advice column. Why is it that many doggies seem to have trouble following instructions for exciting happy fun times competitions? Hehehe. Hahaha. Oh hohoho.


TVT: Since I've already established our superiority when our intelligence is compared to that of humans, I believe the problem is that most doggies had their humans enter them in the competition, and we all know how humans are. They don't read all of the instructions, they don't always get that email and blog addresses are  not the same, and fortunately for us, they all think that their pooch is so special that everyone should know his or her name. 

Mango laughing at his own jokes while getting Twinkie in trouble.

Frankie the chiweenie asked...
Mango has a point. Why don't you remind everyone about the Show Us Your Tongue pet photo contest and the deadlines?

TVT: At last! A question that makes sense. Good job, Frankie!

The results and the winners will be announced on
this blog on Tuesday, October 5th

Oskar asked...

Dear Genius Twinkie dog,
My mom person & I have created a new pet blogging site called Pet Blogs United.
It's a cool place to meet new friends, find out what's going on in the pet blogosphere, and get to be a Featured Blogger.
How can I spread the word to all of my friends?



TVT: Like this!


Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.

* * *


As of today, Twinkie is taking a sabbatical for personal reasons and to do further work with animal rescues. The blog will not change. A blogger friend is going to be the new administrator, but he will NOT be monitoring comments. The pet photo contest results will be posted next Tuesday as scheduled.

I would like to thank you all my kind friends, furiends, and supporters. I will be seeing you in the future. Keep rocking, voting, laughing, and lighting up the animal blog-dom.

Now, go take on the day!

Twinkie Van Twinkerson

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Next Pet Photo Contest

The Show Us Your Tongue pet photo contest was so much fun for everyone involved that I had an "aha" moment. The way to go is... various body parts. I am now thinking that the theme for my next pet photo contest will be: EARS

As I am currently recovering from Show Us Your Tongue, while I catch up on my work and chores, I'm brainstorming. Ears, bellies, be-hinds? I'm going to test them all, starting with the ears.

I have invited a few furiends to help me with my assessment.

First, we have the love goat demonstrating extreme ear action.

The chiweenie is doing a helicopter ear demonstration

The horse is demoing shaking ears

And, I, the teacup chihuahua, am doing a public demonstration of the boo-boo ear.

I wonder how this will go down in the animal blog-dom. Let's all catch our breaths and decide later as to the potential of such a theme for a pet photo contest.

Have a lovely week!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pet Photo Contest A Howling Success

Back to reality, after National Dog Week. Today also marks the first day of voting on our pet photo contest: SHOW US YOUR TONGUE.

Click on the tab "Show Us Your Tongue" at the top of my blog


The results and the winners will be announced on
Dear Twinkie on Tuesday, October 5th

I can't describe what this contest meant to me. Sure, many of you are aware that it was a lot of work, but work is easy when it's fun. Speaking of FUN, that was the general consensus. I have read that word over and over again, and that and some dog caffeine, kept me going with a big smile under my whiskers.  I got several emails stating that getting the Show Us Your Tongue posts together was a lot of fun! That's like paying me in a million dog treats! I thank you all. 

I have a bit of 'splaining I want to do. One of the participants emailed their pet photos and added, "I hope this brings traffic to your site." This made me stop and think for a moment. These past few days, I've been pushing out of my mind a disturbing thought: I am not posting links to your blogs with this event. Of course, I never said I would, since this was a contest for any pet that wanted to participate, regardless of whether on not they had a blog. I do want to bring traffic to my site, don't we all? I would never, in my teacup chihuahua honor though, try to fool anybody. The proof is through GABE (the Global Animal Blogging Event). All the links are still up, and they will stay up for as long as it's within my power. One more thing. I think most of you know by now that Dear Twinkie, my Tuesday dog advice column "gives" links. I hope this answers evereybody's questions. It is all done in good faith in the animal blog-dom, or so I want to believe.

I thank you again for your entries, encouraging comments, and incredible support! I couldn't have done it without you and your tongues!

Now let's see who the lucky Yöghund winners are going to be . . .


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Deadline

National Dog Week | Day 7

Sadly, our National Dog Week is coming to an end today, Saturday, September 25th, at midnight. That's also the deadline for your pet photo contest entries. You have 'till midnight to Show Us Your Tongue. The entries are still coming in! For some strange reason, everything around me appears to be PINK. The good news is, now I know all of your names, I can even spell them backwards, if you like. 

I can't tell you how exciting this mini-contest has been. I have visited a multitude of tongue posts and laughed my tail off. This was an unexpected party in the animal blog-dom and for that we have ourselves to thank. We're one enthusiastic chunk of the blog world.

Most of the entries are already posted. You can check them out by clicking on the tab titled "Show Us Your Tongue" at the top of my blog.

Because of the multitude of entries, I did NOT want to be the sole judge. I can't even come up with a criterion to base my judgment on. Therefore, I am going to post a VOTING POLL on my sidebar. Again, because of the sheer volume of entries, I would like to allow more than one vote. I'm going to rely on your honor and set the rules here:

VOTING BEGINS: this Sunday, September 26th at 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (West Coast)
VOTING ENDS: next Sunday, October 3rd at 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time

The results and the winners will be announced on Dear Twinkie, on October 5th
May the best tongues win...


Here are some photos from the cat section of my personal Tongue Library:

 Demo Kitten Tongue

 Clean Kitten Tongue

The Mother Tongue

The curly cat tongue

I only posted kitten pictures today because they are  a minority and I always root for the undercat. 

Have a fabulous Saturday! And don't forget to join us on our Saturday Blog Hop!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Preview

National Dog Week | Day 6

Pardon Our Tongues
Pet photo contest in progress

While I'm working on our pet photo contest, you better be making the most out of this week. I hope the shelters are about empty by now (I wish). 

I would like to thank my close furiends for their furry "encouraging" comments, nooot! I hear things like:

... I have devoted my Saturday Post to YOU and your tongue contest. Hope you don't mind... a little more ADVERTISING.

...Snikhkering (at me)

...I have been following all the entries for your contest. Hehehe. There are some really wicked awesome photos, but not many of the doggies identified which is their official entry. Ha! ... Welcome to the world of blog contests.

I would like all of you to know  that this teacup chihuahua has no limits! Bring it on! I am on top of the situation and my numerous assistants are too. Thank you all for your lovely entries. Would you like a sneak peek??? Click on the page tab labeled: Show Us Your Tongue. While you're there, please make sure I didn't leave out any furiend. I even included a couple from the rainbow bridge, but I'm not saying which, because I  don't want to influence the voting. I have a few more entries to go, but if you emailed or posted (and sent me your link) as of Thursday evening, you should be able to see your faces, if not, please email me at twinkietinydog (@)

One of the contestant's parents sent me a lovely email I'd like to share with you. The names and locations are not included because I didn't have the author's permision:

***Representing The Center for Animal Health and Welfare (a no kill shelter in ***), here’s formerly homeless [dog's name].  Even though [dog's name] ended up at the shelter through no fault of her own (her family was moving and could not take her…BOO!), she retained her sense of humor.  [dog's name] hopped into the driver’s seat and proceeding to toss me a raspberry when I told her she was not driving us back from an off-site meet and greet.

[Dog's name] was a volunteer favorite due to her sweet nature and once we got her out strutting her stuff at a number of off-site events, she ended up with multiple families wanting to take her home…..she’s no longer homeless!

[Dog's name] would love her “still waiting” furiends to benefit from her tongue!***

I was so touched to see this email! As you already know, I am a rescue dog myself and one of my main missions through my blog is to increase awareness.

Have a lovely rest of the National Dog Week!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Going Stronger

National Dog Week | Day 5

I was thinking that this year we should extend National Dog Week and have it last a month, but my petition did not have sufficient grounds. No worries, I'll start working on it for next year. 


The entries keep coming in. So many beautiful, quirky, twisty, pink, purple, long, short, round . . . tongues in animal blog-land! I'm stunned. Needless to say, my quirky mom is thrilled! She's not complained once for having to stay up with me to go over the entries. We're both grateful for the enthusiasm and support of my good ol' blog furiends and the new ones I meet along the way. I am also extra excited because I'm getting a preview of the next G.A.B.E (Global Animal Blogging Event). It's going to rock the animal blog-dom big time!

I will stop accepting entries for the Pet Photo Contest at midnight, this coming Saturday. I am frantically going over photos and blog posts and emails therefore, I will let you know in the next couple of days when they'll all be up for your viewing and voting pleasure. I'm aiming for this Sunday. Please stay tuned. Like I've said before, I thought this was going to be a mini contest. BOL the joke's on me!

Today, I would like to use some photos to encourage your efforts:

by our furiends, the three legged dog duo

If this ain't a tongue shot!
(photo courtesy of my senior dalmatian sister, Linguini)
I can feel the passion.

Markus the horse
He can do this for hours!
He's also a superb athlete. Lucky for you, he will not partake in our pet photo contest.

Last, but, by no means, least . . . I present you
Twinkie, the tiny teacup chihuahua

The last shot has educational purposes. It's for those parents who were unable to get a tongue shot. I suggested peanut butter, and whipped cream, but there's always an alternative. Use your imagination humans!

Off to enjoy the lovely photo entries and start putting them in order. Have a fabulous rest of our National Dog Week!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Going Strong

This has been the most significant National Dog Week of my life. I am constantly aware of where I came from therefore I feel grateful every minute of the day. I love my forever home, my family, my furiends, my life. Add to all this the pet photo contest "Show Us Your Tongue" and I am one ecstatic teacup chihuahua! 

I want to thank everybody for their contageous excitement. It keeps me wagging my tail as I go over the multitude of entries that keep pouring in. It also keeps me up at night, but that's okay, because I love it!
I only have two concerns:

One canine furiend sent me a worrysome note. She said she wouldn't pose her tongue for her human. Whaaa-t? Ever heard of peanut butter? Nope, no mercy, you have to SHOW US YOUR TONGUE. 

My other concern is the bad rep we may be getting as vital members of the animal blog-dom. Ever wondered what impression a new visitor would get visiting animal blogs in the last couple of days? They're going to think we're rude. BOL

Speaking of rude . . .

Boomer, the teacup chihuahua

The Love Goat

Show Us Your Tongue!

Twinkie, the incredibly enraptured rescue chi

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Twinkie | A Dog Advice Column

Dear Twinkie is a weekly advice column posted every Tuesday. Do you have questions that you need answered or news that you want to spread? Then leave me, Twinkie Van Twinkerson, a note on Tuesday's comments and I'll address it. This blog and column are strictly rated G and only meant for your enjoyment.

K-9 Katastrophe asked ...
Dear Twinkie,

In a reply you said:

As for Tula... I have already fired my secretary over this gross typo. She was only hired because she claimed she could decipher Elgin-Puguese. I had specifically dictated the name "Petunia" but she was hard of hearing (a dalmatian, a breed known for it's lack of hearing).

I am a dalmatian and I can hear perfectly.... so good is my hearing that my human sister has taken to training me tricks and the like. I was wondering, do you think I could use that stereo type to get out of training sessions? Like maybe if I started walking the other way when she calls me or if I roll over when she tells me to fetch?

Yours truely

TVT:  Now you're talking! Absolutely! According to the Dalmatian Club of America, deafness is not uncommon in dalmatians. It has been estimated that 10-12% of the breed is deaf. I think you're one smart dalmatian and that we can all learn from you. Now you can even enjoy your hyperactivity by jumping on all the guests, and then, due to your "condition", you can ask your humans to keep you away from the scary horses too. Brilliant thinking, my furiend.

This is what deaf, er, smart dalmatians get. Dog treats!

I would like to mention that K-9 posted the first Show Us Your Tongue entry. You can check it out here. I know, it's going to be a tough contest!

Frankie Furter asked ...
FURST... When I clicked on Comment.. I got the dreaded snappy finger thingy that says I HAD TO ACCEPT a Pop UP in order to comment. That USED to happen on Norwood's blog.. you might want to check with him to see how he got that stopped!!!
>>> Now for the gooood stuffs.. Twinkie you make TUESDAY TERRIFIC!!!
I thought My mom was gonna pee in MY Cliner Chair when she saw Puddles' furst question and then she got all choked up with your answer to the second. Sorta like a Roller Coaster ride...
You are sooooooo darned cleaver with your answers.
Now for my question for next week.
Mayzie and Brudder Ranger found Bear Poop while on their vacation. I said I thought we were TWINS now beclaws I once found Bear Poops in my sister Lori's yard. SOOOOO THEN.. Mayzie came back and said we were BEAR POOP SOULMATES. <<>> WELL, it didn't take butt about 87 seconds for ... My Wives to comment.. they got all GREEN with JELLYNESS because of this Soulmates thingy. Could you please explain the difference between being in LOVE (and HAPPILY MARRIED) AND being Bear Poop Soulmates. Whew!! Maybe a WHOLE week will be toooooo long to wait for this answer. I'm just sayin'.

TVT: Dearest Frankie Flirter (or should I not call you that now that you're married?), I did not set the pop up comment window accidentally. I thought it would be easier on my furiends. As soon as I read your comment, I realized that the settings on some computers would make it confusing, so I took it down, just like I removed word verification and all the c-rap that make our lives difficult. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

To answer your furry important question: I can't think of a more caring husband like yourself, Frankie, therefore I'm perplexed by your wives' reaction. Are you sure it was jellyness and not the green beer that we had on St. Pat's that turned your wives green? I simply cannot believe my pointed ears! I would be so lucky to find bear poo in my yard! Well, I'm afraid that since Penny and Ruby don't get it, you might have to change your 'tude a bit. Do they even realize you're a tornado survivor? No more showering both of them with gifts on a birthday. No more Mr. Nice Guy. You need to start acting tough now. Have you heard of male machismo? It won't come natural to you, but you have to at least give it a shot.

 I recommend you practice a bit in front or a mirror or with Stripe first.

houndstooth asked ...
BOL! I'm rolling on the floor with laughter thinking about getting a pillow with Dad's face on it! Morgan would sit on it and Dad would get all pouty about it!

Anyroo, on to this week's question. Every night when we go on a walk, the same thing happens. Blueberry begs to go on the walk with us and Mom or Dad feels bad, so they let her come along with us. Then, on the way home, Blueberry pulls her "jackass routine" where she walks as far behind Mom or Dad as she can with her leash. This results in all of us being cranky by the time we get back home. How can we convince Blueberry to walk with the rest of us and stop being a pain in the patoot?


TVT: I think you should hand the leash off to Morgan. She'll know what to do with it. And in case she doesn't, tell her to use her "happy" exciteful voice and carry Blueberry's favorite treats. Don't let Morgan hand the treats to Blueberry. Have Blueberry work for them. I hike with Blueberry's twin rhodesian sister. She likes to trail in the back. So what? Another thing to try is to have another pack member walk behind Blueberry, in other words, practice with various formations and do a bit of "attention training" with the girl. Of course, you can also practice every time Blueberry pulls to stop and stand still like a tree, just be careful you don't get any pee mail that way.

Maybe we should all stop and smell the roses and take in the sunshine.

Lola asked...
Hi Twinkie. You have given pawsome advice as usual. My question this week is not so impawtent, but I thought I'd get ahead of a situation. You know we went and got me a pink collar so as to let the world know that I not only enjoy being a girl, I really am one. Now several experienced females tell me that even wearing a dress won't always indicate "female" to some humans. Well, times change, I guess, but still...
I just want to know, since it seems to bother Alpha Mom when folks think I'm a boy should I react. I mean, I'm not a biter, but I could growl, maybe. Or pass gas...or should I just encourage Alpha Mom to rise above it all?

lotsa licks, Lola

TVT: Dearest Lola,  you don't need an advice columnist. You need a stylist! Disregarding your post comment about clothing and doxies (OMD I can't believe what I read) I shall refer you to a great styling lady whose name immediately popped at the top of my apple head. Ms Lorenza! If she can't help you, nobody can. 
Now, about Alpha Mom's feelings, I'd recommend . . . nothing! It's our week! It's our humans who need to cater to our feelings and our every whim. 

Lolo in pink

Kitty+Coco asked...
Twink, we have never asked you a question before because frankly, it is intimidating. However, this issue is so pressing that we must ask. WHY OH WHY is it that I have to go get my glands "squeezed" while my Boston Terror sister never has the issue? Seriously, life is not fair sometimes. I have to have it done like every other week and Kitty has only done it once ever! The lady even brings me out and says "wow, she had A LOT". I say it is mom's fault for spoiling me rotten. Literally.

TVT: Life's not fair sometimes, Coco. I mean, your sister was named after a cat, after all. I suggest you follow your own advice and run away, thus avoiding another visit to the dentist too. Oh, and "having a lot" is a good thing, it makes you more special.
The runaways

The Thundering Herd asked...
How can our hu-dad let us get this far behind? Our Google Reader thingy says we have 1000+ unread blog posts. That's right, we have so many unread posts that Google can't count that high.

TVT: It's simple you goofuses, just hit the delete button! Your true furiends will always understand. Besides, I believe I speak for all when I say, the Thundering Herd has always been the most supportive and encouraging pack, so what if you are not fast readers?

The real reason behind why the herd is behind on their reading.

Frankie the Chiwenie said...
What's going on with the SHOW US YOUR TONGUE contest? May I enter, please? I want to post too!

TVT: Nope, none of the packs from our pack. At first, I made that rule so that the competition would be fair, but now I insist on it, simply because there are so many entries already. I'm going to have a challenging time figuring out how to post them all. And since you can't enter, if you want to get an idea, let me point you to the second pet photo contest entry from our furiends the Airedales.

Cool, huh? Now, for the rest of you, please remember that you can post any way you like, but if you use more than one photo per pet on your post, you have to let me know your ONE choice for the contest. Feel free to include all your furry or hairless furiends in our contest. You can email me at twinkietinydog (@) with your link, your choice, and your pets' names. 


Mark your calendars for a really important event. October 2 we're going to paint the blog world yellow by supporting the fight against cancer. October 2nd is LIVESTRONG DAY! Please click HERE to read all about this special day. Spread the word!

I would also like to mention a special benefit to celebrate National Dog Week with a fundraising event. For details click HERE.

I hope you're all enjoying National Dog Week to the fullest!
Now, go take on the day!

Twinkie Van Twinkerson

Monday, September 20, 2010

National Dog Week Day 2 & Contest

I hope you got the most out of yesterday. Still six days to go before the end of National Dog Week. Make every day count. Make your parents be at your beck and call. Also, put to good use all the dog training tips I've been sharing with you: don't forget the adorable look on your faces and all should go as planned.

A couple of furiends asked for pet photo contest clarifications:

1. How many entries? One tongue per pet, that's it. I would really appreciate if you sent me names and your blog's url if you have one. It'll help out my secretary, not the one I fired last week, the new one.
2. How many winners of the five free giveaway? Five.
3. How will we decide on the five winners? I will post all entries on my blog after the "Show Us Your Tongue" contest is closed (at the end of National Dog Week, on Saturday September 24th). It'll be a collective effort made out of an enormous panel of impartial and professional pet judges.
4. Will I participate? I wish.
5. Will the chiweenie or the spotted siblings of mine? Nope! I'm partial to them and I may be tempted to favor them.
6. Will giant breeds be allowed? I didn't want to at first, but mom made me. Yes.
7. Are there any animals that will be excluded? Just the obvious cheaters, lizards, frogs and all reptiles with agile tongues.
8. A request: due to heavy spam traffic, if you remember to, have something easy for me to discern in your email title, like: pet photo contest, my tongue, your tongue, Tongues-R-Us, Twinkie you look marvelous today... anything you like.

Meanwhile, I want to share with you that I'm really excited about this contest. It was going to be a quickie, but based on the responses so far, it will get the attention it deserves. We already even have a baby calf competing!

A bit of trivia that suits our contest:

Featured in the new Guinness World Records 2011 book is Puggy, the dog with the longest tongue in the world. Puggy is a designer dog, a Pekingese. But do not fret, we're not doing a longest tongue contest we're just doing a Show Us Your Tongue Contest. Small tongues are eligible to win.

Puggy's showing us her tongue, yikes!
(it looks a bit like M's ex's tongue)

I would like to share a yöghund video with you to get your appetites going, in other words, to motivate you to start warming up those tongues! Do I need to remind you of the free giveaways? Okay, free yöghund boxes filled with delicious and nutritious (mom made me mention the second) frozen dog treats!

So what are you waiting for? Stop drooling and


Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Dog Week Day 1 & Contest

Happy National Dog Week everybody! I was shocked to find out that National Dog Week has been around for three quarters of a century. We can all thank William Lewis Judy for it. Mr Judy was a serious dog fancier. He helped create the Dog Writers' Association of America as well as National Dog Week in 1928. Thank you very much.

Some would argue that "any day is national dog week". I agree, BUT for those of us fortunate to have loving forever homes, this week means extra everything. Extra hugs, walks, hikes, and of course edibles.

I wanted to do something special to mark this year's National Dog Week and thanks to Yoghund, I am doing a free giveaway contest. Yoghund has mailed me 5 free box coupons to give away.

I posted about the upcoming contest yesterday hoping to get some good suggestions, but since so far my main input was that one of our furiends cannot participate in any contest involving physical activities and exertion, I decided to do a rather sedentary contest. 

National Dog Week Pet Photo Contest
by Twinkie:


I live with a quirky mom who is into dog bums and dog tongues. Since the first one may be offensive to the sane dog owners, we decided to go with her second fixation, the dog tongue.

Send or post your TONGUE photo anytime between now and the end of National Dog Week. My email is twinkietinydog (@) and I am looking forward to your submissions. If you choose to post, please email me the link. I don't want to miss anybody. For those of you that lack imagination, think peanut butter, yogurt on a stick, something yummy. Go on, tell your parents and make sure you tell them what "ingredient" to use to get your tongues to look better. Furiends, you should have known my contest would be a fun one for the participants.

I shall leave you with some sample submissions, courtesy of my brindle chiweenie and spotted dalmatian sissies:

Synchronized ear and TONGUE action

I mock you TONGUE



Bite your TONGUE

Double your TONGUE

(oh my TONGUE)
What's THIS doing in my pet photo contest?

Which reminds me... all animal species welcome BUT frogs and lizards. That would be cheating!

May the best TONGUE win!


*** An update and a much needed clarification: One tongue per beast please.

Friday, September 17, 2010

National Dog Week Contest

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 19th, marks the beginning of National Dog Week and I want to celebrate with a contest. As I am still working on the details, I welcome all suggestions. I repeat, any dog, cat, pet contest ideas will be appreciated.

It wouldn't be a contest without free giveaways and since lately I've made many of you drool over my new favorite frozen dog treat, yöghund, for the purposes of celebrating National Dog Week, I thought it would be most appropriate to give out coupons for a FREE yöghund box!

Yöghund sent me FIVE such coupons.

Do I want to keep them all? Sure! I love my yöghund, plus it's good for me, but I love my friends more and I also have a weakness for contests therefore, I'm going to give out all five coupons.

Don't worry chiweenie. M will get us some.

Let's do it! I shall brainstorm all day and night, and, by tomorrow, I'll announce the contest which will end on the last day of National Dog Week, Saturday, September 25th.

What an exciting week we're about to have starting . . . now! Today, we'll warm up for our National Week with a bang and a BLOG HOP !!!

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