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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And Then There Were Two . . .

We're a family, um, pack, of four: three tinies, me, Twinkie, a 4 pound teacup chihuahua, Frankie, a brindle chiweenie that weighs about 9lbs, Pedro, a nutty devilish chihuahua pup that abuses the rest of us, and Linguini, M's only "real dog" as she calls her girl. Linguini is a dalmatian mix; a mid-sized dog. Well, we've been jinxed, ladies and tramps! Last weekend, I got too close to the rainbow bridge and now my sissy, almost 12 year old Linguini, the spotted girl, is at the vet's on morphine and Deramaxx. We've got two dogs "down" at our home. Sucks!
I'm doing better and better, and M, our loving mommy,  is obviously relieved, but she's too worried and sad about our senior dog.

The worst part is, we do not know what is wrong with her yet. She's in tons of pain. In the near past, the dog vet insisted that all the pain was rear end related, due to advanced arthritis and possible cruciate issues. M insisted there were neck issues as well. Her reasoning? Every time she passed by Linguini, the girl would cry out in pain. Huh? M tried to figure this one out for a long time. What was it that made the dog cry like that? Then she got it. Linguini would turn her head to follow M with her eyes. Aha! Now, M's convinced Linguini's pain is due to cervical and possibly neurological damage, but first she has to convince the vet.

We do love our vet, and, for the record and in all fairness, he's looking into M's theory. Only problem is, the tests so far do not back it up...

We may go MIA for a few days. If anything drastic happens, we WILL let you know. For now, we'll let the morphine do it's job.

Lots of love to all our furiends and friends!

Our girl

Twinkie, the humbled dog

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