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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Operation Chihuahua Airlift aka Project Flying Chihuahua

No, this isn't about Flying Twinkie. It's a bummer of a post but somebody has to do it. Let's get it over with because I need to get this off my chest. Check this photo out (no idea where it came from).


There's a catch. It's alive! Indeed, it's a living, breathing being. It is not an accessory or a doll to dress up. You must have heard in the news that the City of San Francisco Animal Care and Control has set up airlifting missions to transport many Chihuahuas as well as aides and even vets from San Fran to NYC. Chis are estimated to make up 40% of abandoned dogs in CA based animal shelters (they even outnumber pit bulls). Airlifts are in progress via Virgin America that is donating space for the pups and some humans as well. 

The Cockpit

In the last 12 months animal shelters in LA have taken in close to 5000 Chihuahuas! Who cares who is to blame? Pop culture, Legally Blonde, Paris Hilton... Chis are adorable to look at and people don't realize our needs and the responsibility of caring for another life. We are considered accessories (bitter BOL here). Size plays a huge role in the decision, but as we all well know in here, size is irrelevant--commitment is pertinent. 

This photo points out the lack of commitment, 
and it's only a sample. 

You know how we sometimes fool around around when we say "I want one" when somebody gets a cute family addition? Heck, I even said that about a human pup once--but we're joking. They're not...

Save a life. Adopt a chihuahua rescue dog!


***Frankie here: My sissy is still ici, having a ball, doing je ne sais quoi... But I had orders to upload her post (found a note pinned on my bed). 


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