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Friday, August 6, 2010

Guilty Or Not Guilty

Haven't you ever thrown a party that left you with food you had to get rid of? For us it's usually the cake. We're not big on sweets, plus this one was a chocolate cake which meant that we, the dogs, couldn't even have a taste--not that we didn't want one.

I asked the chiweenie to give me a lift up to the trash compactor, but she was squirming too much and I was sliding on her brindle furs. Linguini, our spotted senior dog and expert counter surfer, didn't face any such difficulty. Her trouble developed after she was discovered.

The trash compactor

"It wasn't me.
I believe it was the kittens."

I ask that you examine our senior dog's nose paint and body posture and tell us your honest opinion.

For the record, Linguini wasn't affected by the chocolate. She didn't get sick, there wasn't any dog diarrhea, heck, we watched her like hawks and she didn't even burp. No emergency dog vet visit this time.

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