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Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Dog Treats

Small dogs are easy when it comes to treats. Think about it, a large or giant dog breed will demolish a solid piece of anything in a few minutes whereas a small dog will take much longer thus making most treats more cost effective and safer. I therefore picked three tested small dog treats that are my personal favorites to share with my small dog friends.

Pizzle, or bully stick is at the top of my list. It's a long lasting treat that has few calories and one of the safest small dog treats. It does not splinter and since it's so much work to consume (usually lasts days or weeks) you have the chance to remove the last small piece before it becomes dangerous. The one I usually buy is the All Natural 6 inch best bully sticks.

Duck or chicken strips are my second favorite treat. They don't last as long as pizzle and they are high in calories, considering the size of the small dog in relation to the chicken strip, but we break them in half on thirds for that reason. This is a highly digestible treat that does not pause any threat to most small dogs. My favorite chicken strips are the Waggin Train Natural Chicken Jerky Tenders and the Waggin Train Duck Jerky Tenders.

My final small dog treat pick is a old time favorite among dog chews: Cow Hooves. Cow hooves can last several months depending on the size of the dog. Many come pre-filed making them even more appealing because of their smell. My favorites are the Ranch Rewards Pork Filled Hooves Dog Treat and the Cheese and Bacon Filled Cow Hooves.

Small dogs may have their issues, but finding the appropriate treats isn't one of them. When it comes to small dog treats and dog chews, small dogs are easy and economical to please.

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