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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Toilet Dog Bowl Needs A Hand

I recently discovered an amazing new dog product. It's the hand-shaped dog leash! There are many kinds of dog leashes in the market: nylon, leather, braided, colorful, retractable, flexi, hemp . . . but a hand-shaped one? I'd never seen one before, so let me share a product stock photo:
The hand-shaped dog leash
"The Hand"
A new movie based on a Steven King novel

What I'm really curious about is, what did the creators of the hand-shaped dog leash have in mind? Other than the fact that it's really hand-y.

Ten Top Hypothetical uses for the hand-shaped dog leash

 1. Lack of boyfriend or girlfriend
 2. Missing human contact
 3. Dog walking and simultaneous back scratching
 4. Fear of germs on actual leash?
 5. Needed another hand to match the one sticking out of the back of the car trunk
 6. Neighborhood burglar who doesn't want to leave fingerprints
 7. Someone who keeps misplacing their dog leash and need a hand finding it
 8. Easier to scratch dog owner's hiney with while walking the dog
 9. The dog walker is Captain Hook
10. A mess free hand ... (Deleted by blog owner because it was R-rated)

Miscelanious Hand-Shaped Dog Leash Uses

The better to push the dog stroller with

A nice stroll in Venice
Especially "handy" for tall people

I'm sure I'm going to get comments full of insightful and comical potential hand-shaped dog leash uses, but beat this one:

The Hand was created to better flush the . . .

Toilet Dog Bowl

The Hand: "Allow me to flush it for you, young master."

This concludes today's post about The Hand.
PS: If you need a hands free dog leash, simply remove The Hand.


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