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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maine Coon and Akita | German Shepherd

Max and Darla's Story
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I should have know when I heard Mom was going to the animal shelter, that she wouldn't come home alone. She brought back two old geezers. LOL. She cleaned up. She found out who was in trouble the most and adopted them. OMG! Who would have expected this! Darla, a seven year old Akita and German Shepherd mix was enormous. Just a scary sight.

Darla comes home

Along with Darla came Max, an eight year old giant fluffy maine coon--a cat, I was told. Max's days were numbered. Actually, in his case, his hours were numbered. A lady had adopted him once, but then Max coughed up a fur-ball (of epic proportions) on the way to her car, and she turned around and un-adopted him. Humans! Oh, well. Max, Maximilian, Maxwell, Maxine, this time decided to empty his bowels on the way to his new home, our home. What a stinker! 


 Darla, the German Shepherd and Akita mix, was an awesome dog but not the best pal for me. She spoke English and German. She was also the first dog at our house to play "fetch" or "bring" as they say in Germand. She could "sitz", "platz" and all the good things, but we had a little problem. She would pick me up and put me in her mouth! Yikes! That was scary. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought so. Mom was terrified. She got on the phone and found Darla a superb home. Darla stayed with us for a few short terrifying for me days, but we miss her. At the moment, she lives happily with her new family at a home in Malibu. She goes to the beach almost every day, lucky girl. Braver hund, Darla!

Darla 2

Senior maine coon Max was awesome  too but not the best companion for our kitties, the famous tailless twins, who were half his size. Our cats freaked, but Max didn't seem to care. He still doesn't. Things haven't changed much although it's been a year. Every now and then the twins and Max get into minor cat fights, but Max is a loner and all he cares about is to have his water, food, and petting only--when he wants it. He's a bit old and every now and then his arthritis bothers him, but the vet gives him Rimadyl and Mom keeps him on a healthy diet. It's manageable. I actually like Max. He's quiet and gentle and we never bother each other. The only one who could really complain about Max is Linguini, the Dalmatian and German Shorthaired Pointer mix, aka The Spotted Dog. Max stole her bed!


But Linguini doesn't mind because...

She got an even better one!

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