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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dachshund Pictures | What Happened to Dexter?

No, not the HBO Dexter. We all know what happened to him. *Sigh* He married his television show sister in real life, thus breaking M's heart. I'm talking about Dexter the doxie, the one who managed to get me to engage in play. Let me shed some light to my question by posting a series of dachshund pictures.

Scheming Dexter

Slowly putting the plan in effect

No worries, this doxie know what he's doing

Stop staring at the wee wee

Bare with me, there's a lesson to be learned here

I know he's stopped moving, it's part of his underhanded plan

More convincing this way . . . tongue hanging out ever so slightly

Uh-oh, the attack of the striped horse barn socks

"Whatcha doing to me?"

Just like that, the doxie was airlifted and placed in his vehicle
If those ain't precious dog training tips, what is?

A quick review: know the signals when your pack is getting ready to return home. Place self in strategic position with clear view of vehicle (you don't want to be left behind on accident). Slowly roll on your back and play dead. If you've done your homework, your biped will come and gently lift you and do the rest of the work for you. I'm working on a technique to extend the play time.

Thank you Dexter for a wonderful demonstration in dog training. Keep up the good work and make us proud, my friend!

* * *

A brief update for the spotted dog's friends. Linguini is ... better. M isn't. Here's why:

A week on Rimadyl and Linguini bounced back. With a vengeance. Our first clue: she jumped the fence and raided the neighborhood's cat and dog food bowls. She had to come in through the front entry though because she was as big as the Good Year Blimp and couldn't jump over the fence again. Tsk tsk. The dog vet ordered her to lose weight. So, due to these recent developments, M is now on the Rimadyl and Linguini in the dog house. 

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