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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dachshund Pictures | P.T. Goes To China

Another glorious day at the horse barn with my rescue dog pals and the horses...Aaah, that's the life. This particular outing, I was rather taken by my friend, P.T.'s digging attempts. Let me share my dachshund pictures with you.

Doxie working hard
What's that red stuff off to the side?

And digging

A doxie's dedication
More red stuff, hmm

The red blur was P.T.'s brother, Nathan the horse

Special guest appearance by Dexter the doxie
supervising his lil' bro

P.T. unperturbed continues with his digging expedition and hopes to reach China sometime soon

Making progress at last!

Welcome back to the United States of America
Passport, license, and registration please

The sad part was that P.T. needed and got a bath after this photo sequence. It's a shame that he didn't learn anything from his brother's dog training tips

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