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Monday, December 21, 2009

Chiweenie Trip Trapping Over My Blog? (part deux)

In case anybody was wondering how yesterday's story ended:
Out of nowhere, the Lake Monster reared its head and gobbled me up

Okay, just messing with you. This is our BFF Mable (the rottweiler and greyhound mix). She just looks scary in this photos. She's actually a doll, a lamb, a lover not a fighter.  Here is the real ending...

While I was working on my stakeout technique, the chiweenie brat spotted me and waited on the other side. I noticed that and I

And this brings us to the grand finale:


Disclaimer: No animals were hurt, not even The Chiweenie Beast!

After play-fighting, we got towel dried and drove home where we ate with great appetite and then crashed on the couch (where my heating pad is). For all of you Frankie fans, know one thing, I love my baby sister. After all, I wished every day for her arrival before she was even adopted.

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