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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (11) | Dog Obedience Training

Twinkie: Do it! You skipped yesterday.
Frankie: I don't wanna.
Twinkie: You fought for this post, so just do it!
Frankie: Do I have to? Will you help me?
Twinkie: Yes, you do. Maybe a little.
Frankie: But it's embarrassing and it's Saturday too.
Twinkie: I know, but you asked for it.
Frankie: Fine...

Hello dear furiends. Frankie The Chiweenie here. I'm back again. I would have loved to talk to you about my hikes and the nice smells, and the-- Oh, well. Twinkie's making me tell you about dog obedience training. School sucks, or so I'm recently starting to think.

Remember how well I did in my last dog obedience training class? I was pawesome; I got a certificate and a star on my forehead, and I made mommy proud of me, and you all congratulated me... Remember? Well that was my last class. I started a new one. It's not going too well.

At first I sat on momma's lap on the floor
I'm trying to become a canine good citizen, but it's not that easy

So Mommy decided to take me to puppy play time. She said something about "socialization". There were three cute puppies in this class.
I growled at all of them!
I couldn't help myself, I got scared

They weren't scared at all
They had fun

Lots of fun

They had so much fun they're all blurry

They even had treats together

I watched them have fun and treats

I promise to try harder next time, Mommy. I will even let you groom me. I will also work hard for my canine good citizen certificate. 

Twinkie: See it wasn't that bad, was it Frankie?
Frankie: I guess it wasn't. I feel a little less bad actually. Tee hee.


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