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Friday, February 19, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (6)

Hello, lovely furiends! Frankie, the chiweenie here, yes again. While Twinkie's not at all impressed by my posts, she says I can keep going. I had the most fantasticest time at the horse barn the other day, and I would love to share with you.
Finally, M decided I am old enough to start horseback riding lessons. It's going to take me a looong time before I get to be as good as Twinkie, but it's a start. You want to see a photo?

Ringo, the horse, told me I did very well for a first lesson. I think he appreciated my lightness and the way I took instructions. I had no fear and that is not unpromising for my future equestrian career. 

Linguini had a ball again. She ran around, played with her furiends, ate out of a bucket with anti-inflammatory meds for a horse, drank a little linseed oil, got the runs...
Mostly, Linguini likes to chill by the horses hoping for some "fresh food"

This is Holly aka Cookie, the blue heeler
Twinkie's keeping an eye on her
Holly's looking better every day

I know yesterday Twinkie called me an Omega dog and I have no problem with that. Actually, I will share with you a video that supports her case. It's okay, I'm still a baby. 

Tee-hee, so I was a bit of a chicken, I get it. I had so much fun though!

After we turned out the horse, I was exhausted. Horseback riding lessons can be very taxing.
I crashed

But I wasn't the only one

See you later, furiends. Kk? Stay safe and not cold.
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