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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rottweiler | Greyhound Mix Meets Dalmatian | German Pointer Mix

Creekhiker Meets Twinkietinydog

We've been hiking for years now with our friend, a Rottweiler and Greyhound mix, Mabel Lou ( Mabel is a large dog and she scares me sometimes. All she's got to do is accidentally step on my lil' tea cup Chihuahua self and I'm down to two legs... or fewer. Ha ha. On the other hand, she's a gentle giant, like my human brother. I can't help but trust her. She gently jumps around me being so careful. It's my sister Frankie, the Chiweenie, who's afraid of Mabel, but that's because Frankie's a pup and she likes to whimper often. She'll come around, she's almost there.

Here's what we did the other day with Mabel. We went to Starbucks, where all four of us (Linguini, Mable, Frankie, and I) took turns sharing some whipped cream. We chilled for a bit, giving our mothers an opportunity to catch up, knowing what was coming next.

At last, our human companions started to get up and we all got excited. We were going on a hike. Ya never know where these two will take you. We got ready for an adventure!

We ended up at Arroyo Seco (in English: Dry Stream) among frisbee golfers. Soon, we'd left the crowds behind, luckily I didn't get hit by any large flying objects, and found water! Granted, it was muddy and all black, because of the Station Fire and the mudslides following that, but we didn't care. The muddier the better, right? Apparently our mom didn't disagree since she was knee-deep in the mud herself.

We ran around, explored, chased each other, hiked some more, waded in the water, climbed rocks and logs....What a day!


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