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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dog Rescue Mission

In Between Storms

It's been raining for days and our home is almost at war. Us canines are on each other's case and then there's the felines too, getting on our nerves as well. We've got cabin fever. We went on our own dog rescue mission, the goal was the save ourselves from boredom, stiff joints, and weight gain.

As soon as there was a break in the weather, mommy got us ready and off we went to visit the newly formed rivers.

Frankie, the chiweenie, got stuck in the middle of a stream, I, the tiny tea cup chihuahua, got distracted and left behind for over 30 seconds, Linguini, the largest and heaviest of the pack, a dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer mix, got stuck in the mud, multiple times, and momma started sniffling. It was cold, wet, and very muddy. Oh, and by the time we started heading back, Linguini and Frankie, the "brave" ones (the one's who got their feet wet in the freezing water) both had the runs. BOL! They're all gonna be fine. I'm only worried about my tiny nose, because they're tooting non-stop.

I'm the only one awake at the moment. Frankie and Linguini are sleeping by the side of our mom's desk, dreaming of our next hike, snoring and tooting. Dog rescue mission accomplished! What a great day!

Oh, I almost forgot. I posted a really short video of our hike.

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