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Monday, May 3, 2010

Pit Bulls | Aggressive Dogs

We did get to go to the horse barn on Sunday too. We got up while it was still dark and M loaded us in the car. Frankie, the brindle chiweenie, sometimes jumps in on her own, when she's having a brave day. I always need a lift. Linguini, the dalmatian mix, is satisfied by getting the butt lift only.

As soon as we got to the barn, we saw Asha, the pitbull rescue. She's grown! I'll share my pitbull pictures and I'll talk to you about pit bull aggression and pitbull training.
I love Asha's tail
She's too perfect without the kink

This is Asha's sister, Chloe
A west highland white terrier
Another of the horse barn folks' rescue dogs
Notice the pit bull aggression? Not yet, huh? Wait

How about now?

Let me tell you what happened next. M started to summon Asha's parent to ask her to keep Asha from playing with Linguini. M was worried both about what the dog vet ordered and the fact that Linguini does not engage in play regularly. So, M stated, matter of fact, that Linguini does NOT play. Hmm, some other dog rescue parents overheard and one of them even corrected M. "Linguini is playing," the lady said. "No she's not, she never plays," M argued. "Your girl is playing," the lady insisted. M shrugged and backed off, holding her breath. Let's see some more pit bull aggression then. 

Oooh, that's scary!
It's scary from this side as well

I watched helplessly from the sidelines as the pitbull attack began

OMD these two are two aggressive dogs
Must be the pit bull's fault

Hmm, maybe the lady was right about Linguini playing
But aren't pit bulls the most aggressive dogs on earth?

So far, I can only prove they're professional sniffers

Maybe they got their reputation from being aggressive sniffers
Asha's sniffing, aka making friends, with Holly, the blue heeler

Beware of the upcoming pit bull attack!

Beware, happy pit bull on your rear!

Exasperated Linguini: "Move it, kids. Asha and I are playing."

Careful, what's this human peanut doing playing with aggressive dogs?
Where is her parent? Hasn't she heard of pitbull aggression?

I'm sorry, when faced with extreme stupidity and lack of information, I turn a bit facetious. I feel the need to make flippant remarks to try and grab people's attention. Boneheaded pit bull aggression myths, dismissed. All you responsible pit bull owners and lovers need to do is work on your pitbull training as early as possible and be consistent like with any other breed. The only extra thing you need to worry about with your pit bull is the burden of society. 
Our demo pit bull, Asha, has been in training for a couple of short months. She's now the ideal companion you can take anywhere. She's friendly with dogs and humans alike. She loves children and she even likes (puts up) with little dogs. Asha is a role model!

As for Linguini, we know she wasn't supposed to play due to her condition. She was a bit sore after yesterday, but she also had a big smile on her face all day long. We hope that her mental health along with the Rimadyl will contribute to her physical health. 

Adopt a dog and feel free to make it a pit bull. They're as nice as the rest of us. It's up to you.

All responsible dog owners, should carefully go over the different dog breeds, before deciding on the best match that will benefit both the parent and the dog. What's the best dog for you?


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