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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Mission

Hiking with dogs is both a pleasure and a liability. One must take certain precautions, customized based on the dogs' individual needs. We're a pack with multiple challenges. We consist of two small dogs, the brindle chiweenie and me, the three legged, teacup chihuahua,  and  a senior dog. Our friends, the rhodies, are fit, young, and in great shape overall. While hiking with my rhodesian ridgeback friends the other day, I was witness to an incredible fall that ended well. Below are photos of my Sue, the female rhodesian ridgeback, as she slips on some sandy steep boulders and how she recovers. If it wasn't for the breed's athleticism and Sue's young age, we could have been in big trouble. Dear Sue probably weighs close to 80 pounds. It would have been hard to find any volunteers to carry her back to the car. I'll be quiet now and let the pictures do the rest.


Another close call when hiking with dogs. I can't stress enough how many risks are involved. Be safe and enjoy!

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