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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday's Prisoners | Large Dog Bed Destroyed

We were at a horse show again this weekend, in between water polo games. My kind of day. I become the center of attention and everybody who cares about M and her two peanuts is compelled to shower my pack with affection and human treats (youngsters never stop snacking!) My sissies and I were really enjoying ourselves unlike our furiends, the barn pack. I could turn this post into another dog product review, but instead I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

What's wrong with this photo?

Hmm, I see some stuffing!

Trixie, the chihuahua Chimeanie herself, the reason I don't have to be locked up in there

My pack used to spend time in this dreaded, yet sophisticated and unique set up, until Trixie started attacking Frankie. Thanks Trix!

Even Holly, the blue heeler, gets locked up

No vacancy at the top floor

"Wasn't me!" said Holly, with her mouth full

To prove it, the blue heeler pretended she was resting

Look at this angelic face, you disbelievers!
Do you believe her now?

In the short time Holly's joined us, I have become rather fond of her. Sure, she's a bit, a lot, ADHD, and she mostly looks like a blur in our photos, but she's also kind to me and my family. Trust me, she's innocent!

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