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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Little Pedro, "El Diablo", is still convinced he is a Great Dane. My mom says he's a rat-cha (a fancy way to say, mutt, or  rat terrier and chihuahua mix), but I say that this particular rat-cha derives from the word cuba-RACHA (BOL) In any case, Pedro will never learn, and here's just a bit of proof:

He has no fear of those ginormous toothsies

He will throw himself in the middle of a large dog brawl without a second thought
(not sure he thinks much about anything)

As for the rest of us...
I'll let the Frankie the brindle Chiweenie to express how we feel:
Ay, Caramba! This rat will never learn!

Tsk, tsk...

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