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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Animal Shelter, My Home

'Tis the Day Before Thanksgiving

I've been tweeting to friends and strangers. A couple of the trend Trending Topics for the day are Thanksgiving related and I'm now on a roll. Things my pack and I are grateful for:

#1 TLC
All ex-strays and homeless, know the value of being loved. 

A hug is a hug is a hug
As the upside down Chiweenie

Food on the floor, bowl, grass, wherever!

I will finish this bone before I meet my maker
That's a mighty bone for a tea cup Chihuahua

Good friends!

Hanging with friends, aaah
More Lhasa Apso Pictures coming your way soon

A roof over our head

Okay, so I'm a little squished

And of course, my beloved family: I love you all and I'm grateful for each and every one of you, Mom, Frankie, Linguini, Bob, Jet, Max, J&D

A treat: Before I go,  I would like to share a single photo of my buddy Jude, aka Deputy Dog, whose home I'll be feasting at tomorrow (if he doesn't step on me first). Dear Mango, this one's for you. Here's my other ginormous friend. He is a mastiff and proud of it. 

1 Jude-paw = 3 Twink-heads

Remember: Adopt a pet
Twink! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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