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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Horse Show | Most Shocking News (Part Deux)

I noticed from Sunday's comments that most of you were upset with the golf cart lady who claimed Frankie was "her Lily," so I'm going to get right to it. She did it again, yesterday. Less drama, less dust, less of everything. She took Frankie over to visit her other dog adoption, with who Frankie supposedly had spent a few days. Frankie did not like that one bit. No recognition, zip. That took the wind out of the lady's sails and she promptly returned Frankie to M and me saying she approved of the way we took care of her. Pfffft No comment. Now, if M wants to get Frankie's DNA tested so we can find out her breed, fine. If not, we really couldn't care less. No matter how much I trash talk my sissy, I love her, and that's the truth.

Frankie can't stand being away from M and me

She wants to be close to us all the time

She is MY sister
No lady's gonna change that
(Jazzi, I am watching over her, like you asked)

Meanwhile, back by the horse stalls....

Remember the prisoners?
(Yes, Norwood, that's Holly, the blue heeler, on the top floor)

They escaped!
(I lead them to a burrito)

The horseback riding lessons paid off. Rider-Sister was champion of the equitation division and qualified for a couple of end of the year medal finals during this horse show. M was misty eyed as usual. She's very proud of both her peanuts!
This is Ringo!

There's been a new barn adoption, but I will share that with you next time. I think I'm crazy for the new guy--no worries Gunther, we're just furiends.
I would like to leave you on a happy note. My furiend, Boomer, the chihuahua, would like to sing for you (woo, for the sibes)

La la la

Wait! What's that?

Frankie's praying

I told her to stop worrying. The lady wasn't taking her away, not as long as I was around. We left shortly after this photo was taken. To be continued...


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