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Monday, October 18, 2010

I Like Pet Bums and I Cannot Lie

Actually, I just did. It would be more accurate to state that I used to love pet behinds until this contest. I know, I know, I was asking for it, back to back contests. . . butt my work is done. Yours is just beginning.

We got plenty to chose from:

Big tushies, small tushies, chunky, or scrawny,
designer dog and confused dog hineys too,
cows, dogs, and cats,
from the most artistic to the present-offering bums,
muscular and athletic, to poor and pathetic,
long tails, curly tails, and no tails too . . .
Bottom line: It's all up to YOU!

I opted to do a public vote again for two reasons: a. the entries were extraordinary and b. the Clean+Green free giveaways are pawesome. How can a teacup chihuahua make such a momentous decision?

You can view all the entries by clicking at the tab labeled Pet Photo Contest: Furry Tails at the top of this page. You can vote up to five times on the sidebar.

I would like to wish all the entrants best of luck and may the best hineys win!

And if anybody was expecting a post from me today... for pizzle's sake, not a chance! BOL

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