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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Number One Reason I Do Not Like The Kittens

I, Frankie, the chiweenie, am mad--oh-so-mad. Ever since they brought Farrah, the feral pregnant cat home, I have had a bad feeling. I sense cat-astrophe. Things got worse after Farrah gave birth to her five adorable kittens. There's nothing cuter than a newborn and newborn kittens are near the top of that list, but all the dogs have to be quite and tip toe around Farrah's designated quarters. Add to that the fact that one day she shot out of her room and lunged at poor Linguini, the sixty pound dalmatian pointer mix. Soon after the kitten were born, my family built an outdoor cat enclosure and I'm afraid it's because some, hopefully not all of the newborn kittens, are here to stay. First, let me give you a sneak peak of the enclosure.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure
a.k.a The Cat Palace

Cat Enclosure on the left & Finch Cage on the right
Strategically located so that both species can get their exercise

Inside view of the outdoor cat enclosure
We will be adding colorful toys and beds and scratching surfaces soon

The outdoor cat enclosure was a minor annoyance. I had to hang out and watch M working for a day. I didn't get to go on a hike, but it was just one day, so I didn't mind much. Besides, I liked the fact that the cats would have something to do other than chase me, the brindle chiweenie around the house. Now, I've mustered the courage to speak of the unspeakable! 

The real reason I do NOT like the newborn kittens: 

I was used as a . . . DEMO kitten!!!

My otherwise beloved dog vet, used me, Frankie, a dog, a brindle chiweenie to be precise, as a means to demonstrate how to administer deworming medication for the kittens. 

Silly kittens. They're getting bigger and louder every day. I feel sorry for their mom. The following kitten video proves it. Turn the volume down.

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