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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dog Beach and Dog Training Tips from Malibu, CA

I seriously couldn't wait to post about my first dog beach excursion ever! I was so excited that I even allowed M to dress me up in a soft fleece shirt that says Doggone Gorgeous! The weather was wonderful, a bit on the cool side, but the nice warm sun made all the difference. The sand was superb! As soon as we got there, Frankie and I started doing the bunny hop. What do you call two designer dogs enjoying a day at the dog beach?

Chihuahua bunny hop
aka Chibunny

aka Chitalian Bun Bun
Another pawesome, in my opinion, designer dog name

Dog training tips: If you sense your human's hesitation before taking you off leash, heel. Act like the most obedient walker and see if it works. It works for me most of the time. Also, allow your humans some personal satisfaction by doing something new and unusual. For example, I wore a shirt. That makes your humans think that they trust you more. BOL

I had no idea that a dog beach can be so vast. I was pleased and not intimidated, and apparently so was Frankie. 

I felt so tiny!

And so did Frankie

We didn't mind one bit though. After the first bunny hops near M, we just let loose. Dog training tips, continued: Don't forget to stick by your humans, at first! After a few minutes, do as you please. They can only whistle so loud.

I had no idea the dog beach was such a romantic place

Or such a spiritual one
(Frankie's praying again)

Surprise, surprise, M only had on her two digital photo cameras and her flip cam! At one point, she was trying to hoax Frankie and me to join her closer to the water, so she could shoot video. A big wave came and got her soaking wet, boots and everything, all the way up to her waist. She almost got drawn into the water, but she claims she stayed as balanced as she could and didn't get tumbled around because she was holding onto her flip cam. We don't have that most entertaining video to share, but we have the next best thing: Twinkie and Frankie at the Malibu dog beach! 

Before I go, I want to remind our furiends that Toby has left and his raiser could use our support!
And while my date has been MIA and not asked me yet to Date Night, this won't stop me from reminding our furiends that Date Night is happening over at Twix's
Last, Global Animal Blogging Event still in process, until midnight on Saturday. Sunday we get to spread the  joy by contacting our winners about their free giveaways!

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