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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Howl-O-Weiners To Y'all

I love Halloween! I get to go to parties where I meed other furiends wearing funny dog costumes, and I get tons of dog treats just for being there and posing for funny dog pictures. Speaking of funny dog pictures, it's time to share Pedro's. I have to give credit to everyone who assisted in this task. Chihuahua puppies are not easy to work with. Ready?

 Roxie, the boston terrier arrived, dressed to kill.

She made fun of lil' Pedro, the chihuahua puppy, for not wanting to wear a costume.

She sweet talked him until he said he'd try.

But he didn't really try, did he?

He fought and made snarly faces, but in the end . . .

Pedro, the jester!!!
He posed proudly (for a split second) for the camera.

Unfortunately, Pedro wasn't the only puppy to suffer the humiliation of the cat costume (yes, it was a cat costume, shh)

Chiweenie Jester 

The chiweenie isn't so sure about Halloween.

As for me, Twinkie, the tiny diva, I already had a sweet deal in place. 

The Petco contest was the only time I'd be wearing a dog costume, and there was not a chance in the world I'd wear a cat costume. M didn't even try. I've trained her well.

The Love Goat and all of us would like to wish you a


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Funny Dog Pictures (continued some more)

OMD I can't believe how much havoc a tiny pup can cause. Pedro is incorrigible. He can't speak yet, but it's obvious from his demeanor, he's belligerent and pigheaded. He still refuses to put on his dog costumes! I've about had it with him. He'd better not interrupt me again.

Back to the contest and the funny dog pictures. Where was I?

Oh, yes, the intoxicated pumpkin got second place.

And then proceeded to make fun of superman, tsk tsk.

The yorkie continued to look adorable.

And the chicken . . .

. . . the chicken got third place.

Once again, my sissy and I didn't place.
I was ready to go home, but the chiweenie was rather distraught even though she got a full bag of dog treats to go!

Tomorrow, I will finally unveil really funny dog pictures. M and I got Pedro to wear his dog costume--well, at least part of it. 


Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Dog Pictures (continued)

Little Pedro, the tiny puppy we inherited the day the rhodesian ridgeback sibs discovered he wasn't really going to grow up to be a rhodie, did not like trying his dog costumes on. I told him to grow up and man up. A blog dog has to give in to certain humiliations. He was too hysterical to listen to me, and M is still trying to get him to cooperate. I'm back however to share more funny dog pictures from the Petco contest.

Shining her pearly whites, this is Gidget, the other butterfly, or maybe a pink bumble bee. This is one cute Yorkie in a stroller.

Here's The Chicken, not to be confused with my sissy, the chicken-weenie. 
Isn't that a fantastic costume? Her real name is Dottie.
Hi, Dottie!

This is Lola the clown. 

This is our second place winner.
Excuse me . . .

Much better. A rather appropriate dog costume. 
Hey, lil' pumpkin!

Meanwhile . . .
The chiweenie and I waited patiently our turn.

Oh, pizzle sticks! I have to run help M with Pedro's costume a-gain!
I'm terribly sorry, but as you can see, M needs all the help she can get. 
To be continued . . .


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny Dog Pictures

I mentioned earlier that there was a Halloween contest at Petco the other day. There were many fabulous dog costumes, but I just now got to look at the photos. They're all hilarious, except for me and Frankie, the chiweenie, of course. The two of us were solemnly sporting swim wear, and, if I may say so myself, we looked fabulous. Enough! The funny dog pictures shall do the talking.

Frankie, the brindle chiweenie, was too anxious to get to the pawrty

I admit, I felt butterflies in my tummy too

Speaking of butterflies!
This is Bella in her butterfly dog costume

The sweetie came over to greet us

 Superman was there too, but he looked a bit depressed

I think it's because he got the boot

Or maybe it's because he had to kiss a pumpkin
 (aka Samurai)

Look at him stand up almost tall as soon as he got first place!

Then . . . wait a minute. I got to go. I have to go help M dress up Junior (recently referred to as Pedro).

To be continued . . . 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's His Fault (Again)

The tiny puppy has been a major disruption. As soon as we all (cats and dogs) started recovering from the introductions with the "foster" pregnant cat and later her kittens, ta-da, tiny dog comes around and life's out of control again.

The chiweenie and I are on puppy patrol during the day,
but he still doesn't sleep through the night. 

At night, Charlie, the tuxedo kitten is in charge of puppy sitting.

The puppy only sleeps when he likes,
but that's okay because . . .

. . . at least he doubles as a pawesome hat!
( I sure hope anybody from PETA doesn't see this)

In all seriousness, this tiny two pound puppy, is a paw-full. The whole house is torn about his presence. The one who is most affected is Frankie, the chiweenie, M's barnacle dog. Frankie is torn and confused. On one paw, she is a "momma's girl" and can't stand the puppy taking up M's time, on the other, she can't resist the puppy, so she loves playing with him, when M pretends she's not looking. 
Today, puppy went for his first dog vet visit. Other than the disconcerning facts that he hasn't gained but a couple of ounces in two weeks and that the vet thinks he's a chihuahua, he checked out. He got his shots and we're all hoping he'll sleep through the night. 

Twinkie, the cranky teacup chihuahua

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And The Pet Photo Contest Winners Are . . .

Ehem, allow me to start the announcement of this pet photo contest's winners, with the national anthem. I don't like to be repetitive, but the Soprano Chi is back by popular demand. Once again, our national pet contest anthem will be sung by Boomer, the teacup chihuahua. Everyone rise . . . Hit it buddy!

Thank you, Boomer. We may all be seated.
And now, I have the pleasure to announce the names of the three top derrieres in the animal blog-dom. Drum roll please!

The winners of the 2010 Furry Tails Contest are:

#1. Ms Ruby and her heart-shaped hiney

#2. Ms Mayzie who only wanted to play with her chipmunk

#3. Mr Benny who crossed his paws wishing for a piece of cheese

The winners will all be receiving the 2010 Golden Furry Tails Prize
 As always, there is a surprise guest ready to hand out the prizes. Ladies and tramps, without any further ado, I present to you 

The Hand 
(aka the hand-shaped dog leash, a unique approach to walking a dog).

The Golden Furry Tails Awards
Clean+Green by SeaYu

Congratulations to all the contestants. It takes courage and determination to bare one's hineys to the world. One last thing. Due to the nature of the prizes, all winners are entitled to at least one "accident" with no repercussions or scolding.


Monday, October 25, 2010

It's His Fault!

It was the puppy's fault I didn't get to post earlier today. He didn't let me sleep all night and then he kept me busy all day. Add to that a couple of long power outages and the seven cat-astrophes. . . It's already tomorrow in some countries.

I'd like to share more pictures of Junior not only for your viewing pleasure, but also for feedback. If any on you, have any clue as to the breed of this adorable monster, please leave us a comment. See, we thought he was a chihuahua, but then when a certain troublemaker, she knows who she is, insisted that the puppy is a dachshund, we started to doubt ourselves. Bottom line, we don't really know what he is. Not that we really care, but I for one am really curious. Is he a chihuahua like me, a chiweenie like my sissy, a miniature rhodesian ridgeback like my hiking buddies? I doubt he's a dalmatian like my older sissy though.

Until I find the truth, I'll keep referring to him as a chihuahua. Ready for some more chihuahua pictures?

 After keeping all of us up last night, he sleeps like a baby during the day,
and he sticks his tongue out at us!

 He also likes to eat my favorite giraffe.

 Don't be fooled by how cute he looks. 

"Little guy, you're a whole lotta trouble."

Of course, I'm going to be responsible for many of his behavior issues. I'm already teaching him how to respect his elder chis.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pet Photo Contest Deadline Reminder

Excuse me!

 I don't mean to be rude,


even though I'm exhausted, after a day of playing with dozens of other dogs at the horse barn, 

and after a rather exciting and fun Howl-O-Ween Pet Costume Contest at Petco, 

I know that most of us could use a friendly reminder:

Last day to vote in our Furry Tails PET PHOTO CONTEST.

Have a great Sunday!
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