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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Helpless Chiweenie

Helpless ...

And hopeless, if you ask me. Maybe you guessed it. I'm talking about Frankie, the needy bratwurst chiweenie. Two posts ago, I included a link showing Frankie "stranded" on a rock, crying, appearing unable to get herself out of the situation. Wrong! She could have gone either forward or backwards. Instead, unlike us properly trained rescue dogs, she complained making puppy sounds that could easily have attracted nearby coyotes thus endangering all our lives. That's my sissy though. She's off to dog obedience training class with our mother as I share with you a few helplessly pathetic photos.

Huh? Who me? What? Duh!

If I stand here looking sad, somebody will notice.

Noo, get away from me. You're not the real Santa. Mommy!

It's too muddy. I'll just park it here and wait for someone to pick me up
(does she really thing it's that simple to rescue dogs?)

For the grand finale now:
Help, somebody help me!

Mind you, the threat in the last photo is no other than our bestie and co-hiker Mabel Lou. A sweetheart of a rottweiler and greyhound mix. Doink! And my poor mom is trying to educate THAT?
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