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Friday, January 29, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (3)

Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are? Where's Twinkie? That's right, it's my day. I call the shots. For today, I've decided to do something very complex. I'm going to enter me and my Linguini in Tucker's Sit Stay competition. It's a dog photo contest (See, I can do the links too!)
Now, I need to get this right. I have to remember to email Tucker our entries. I do in a way have a bloggy. I also need to do all this before the 30th of January. Cool, I've got it.

Name: Frankie The Bratwurst (I had to write that, Twinkie's condition)
Breed: Chiweenie
My Bloggie: This one!

My photo: Ta-da! You did say "it doesn't have to be traditional", right, Tucker?

I do the SIT on the model's arms. The important thing here is the STAY. I'm not going anywhere. Tee hee!
This is my official dog photo contest entry

And now it's my Linguini's turn. Please pay attention. She workeded really really hard for the National Train your Dog Photo Contest and this is what she learned.
Oh, wait, the entry!

Name: Linguini aka The Spotted Dog
Breed: Dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer mix
Her bloggy: This one!

Her photo, shows her uniqueness. Linguini is "special", if you know what I mean. As you look at her photo, you can clearly see how Linguini is dedicated to her mission. See her face? You may want to give her an extra point or a thousand, for how dangerous and difficult her choice is. She's my sister, of course I'm supporting her. Goooooo, Guini!

Up on the Rooftop Sit Stay
Linguini's official dog photo contest entry

And this brings my post to an end. So long, kind readers. Thank you all for supporting me in having my own day. Who knows, when Mango's done with his extracurricular activities, perhaps Dexter and I will buy our own bloggy.


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