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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cat-astophic Kittens

WARNING: Another post about the newborn kittens

The newborn kittens are 3 weeks old today. No, they can't get into anything yet. They still paddle on their bellies making valiant attempts to stand on their four legs. Then why-oh-why did I call them cat-astrophic? Because they've taken over my dog life and my blog. And since today our friends Amy, Barney, Stella, Gus, Lola, Virgil, and Kirzon from the world famous House of Cats, posted about us, I felt that I should at least talk about the kittens. But first, a public and heartfelt thank you to Amy for helping my mom along the way.

We took Farrah in, a feral kitty wandering the streets of downtown L.A., (where I was found too) when she was already pregnant. Farrah was being assaulted by the three male cats in her hood who were definitely going to harm the kittens as soon as they were born. We had to take her in to keep her safe and well fed plus we are spaying and neutering advocates, so this was our one shot at witnessing the miracle of a cat giving birth and caring for newborn kittens.
Farrah came home 4 weeks ago. She was tiny and while obviously pregnant, she never got too big.

She gave birth to FIVE healthy kittens a week after we brought her home

This picture of the nursing cat was taken a few short minutes after she delivered her last kitten. She's been a great mom from day one.

I had asked for help finding cute kitten names. Well, all the names you suggested were either perfect or funny, but kittens have a way of naming themselves. This one, opened it's one eye on day 6. Four days before it's litter mates did. It started to get into trouble right away so, we call it for now: Trouble

Trouble is the only boy out of the five newborn kittens

This is calico kitten A, or Puddles
Her calico sister is a dilute calico kitten which means her colors are muted

Life is a basket full of kitten cuteness
with their mom standing guard

As far as kitten development goes, this guy, the only guy, has got the lead.
Trouble was the first one to attempt to walk. In this picture he is paddling.

But the calico kitten is close second in development and she loves giving herself a bath

Picture of fawn (dilute red) kitten sucking, and chomping on finger

Today, the fawn and white girl got strong enough to sit fully up

The calico girl, Puddles can also walk a bit, although she prefers to spend the day on her back messing with her litter mates

And Trouble . . . always a step ahead of the girls

This has been our newborn kitten saga so far. It's been scary at times, terribly disruptive, and tons of fun. Our mom even built an outdoor cat enclosure which I'm afraid is the first step in keeping all the kittens. Help! Until Farrah came over the numbers were equal, three dogs and three cats. Today, since the kitten birth, we're outnumbered. I live in a house with NINE cats. 

For kitten video, please visit MY CHANNEL and have at it. My favorite is Kitten Cuteness - Day 6 because, while it's rather long, it shows you the steps the nursing cat takes to care for her newborn kittens. And as Amy already mentioned, you can view more photos on our other blog pregnantcatinfo.

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