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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Global Animal Blogging Event - Free Giveaways

Speaking of animal or even just dog events, G.A.B.E. is one of my favorites so far. I know what you're thinking. Yeah, sure, I organized this one so what else would I say? Well, check out what others are saying about this animal, critter, cat, dog events, and don't forget to check all the free giveaways too.
*  *  *

I just want to thank you for getting me involved with GABE and 
encouraging me to do it even when I felt burnt out. I'm really 
enjoying it - much more than the ***, and I've gotten more followers 
from this smaller event than ***, too! Everyone is so nice and fun, 
and I'm having fun reading these doggy bloggies. Thank you!!!

I've been visiting the GABE links meeting losta new friends. Thank you for all your efforts.

GABE is soo much fun, thank you SO much for doing it!!

Lots of great people are participating, and I am loving all the great pics of furry family members!!

[My furiend] reminded me about GABE and that's how I ended up here in a round-about way! I am glad to meet you and so many other new friends thanks to Twinkie organizing such a fun event.

By the way, thanks for hosting such a wonderful event. We have been busy visiting blogs. Though we are not active participants, we are still spreading the word about this event. We have been enjoying ourselves and we want all our friends to join us too! 

Great event, Twinkie!

Great job getting this up and going! I love dog events!!

Anywho, I'm having lots of fun meeting new people! Thanks again for hosting this great event!

Who is GABE?

I has not had too much time for blogging so I think this would be a great way for me to get back in touch with some furiends and maybe make some new ones.

What a cool idea!

GABE is a hit, great job! 

We haven't met yet, but we heard about GABE and decided to join in the fun!

I am just blown away that you organized this really fun event!

Here's to an incredible event!

Thanks so much for organizing this! I'm looking forward to checking out all the pet blogs!

We'll look forward to following all those participating.

Thanks for hosting such a fantastic event! We'd never heard of anything like GABE before and we can't wait to meet more bloggers.

Can't wait to start exploring the other blogs!

We thanks you again for hosting this most glorious event

This is fun for all even if not everyone gets a prize.

What a great idea to meet new bloggers! 

And coming up with GABE, that was totally cool!

You are so incredible to come up with this wonderful way of meeting other bloggers! 

We are loving GABE... all the emails are too cute!!! 

So very exciting!!!!!!

We're having a great time meeting new furfriends - thanks for hosting such a great event!

Thanks so much for making GABE possible, we enjoy participating!

This is so very cool!!

I think this is a great idea, by the way ... I love how the animal blogging community is growing, and I think we can all relate to one another in a very special way.

*  *  *

GLOBAL ANIMAL BLOGGING EVENT still in process. Links accepted up to and including Saturday, April 10th. Comments close on the 18th. Your links stay up...and they can be revisited for months to come. 
Thank you Mabel (she said she loves free giveaways too) for your brilliant idea to share with our furiends the GABE scoop!


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