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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Family, Mi Familia

This is my family.

It's a typical afternoon. M has locked all of us three dogs and three cats in her bedroom. She does this when she takes care of the kittens. This is no life for a dog! I admit, two of the cats were here before me, so I accept that, but what about all the others? Every new family addition makes me have to wonder about my safety. At just under four pounds, my life is not to be taken lightly. I'm a teacup chihuahua, therefore I'm fragile. 
A mixed cat and dog home is not unusual. We live in relative peace and harmony, excluding feeding times which require a lot of door locking and strategic locations. I've even gotten used to the existing cats, despite getting an occasional swat as I go by, but enough is enough mommy dearest! 
I heard that M wants to keep all of the remaining kittens and their nursing cat mom. I was hoping for a least another cat adoption, or more so I tried to reason with her. M said her decision is final. We, the dogs, don't agree with that. Our bed is already full. What's going to happen to us next? 

The nursing cat and her kittens live at the other end of the house in a room we call "the nursery". The nursery came to be only after the pregnant cat became aggressive towards us, the dogs. M keeps them separate for our safety, but it's been a little over two months now and I understand that both ends of the house are going to have to learn how to live peacefully together. I have my doubts.

The #1 reason to have doubts.
Nursing cats are overprotective of their kittens, and this one is not exception. 
Check out her face. She's one intense cat. 
A few weeks ago, she jumped and lunged at our largest dog (60lbs). I wonder if I'm next.

This little beauty, the calico kitten that goes by the name of Puddles, is another reason for me to worry.

Miss Alley, the pointed kitten.
Yet another reason to worry. I hear this one's wild!

Mr. T, aka Trouble Splitz
This tuxedo kitten's name says it all. He IS trouble.
Do not let his cute photo fool you!

We're holding a dog meeting this afternoon to come up with either an escape plan or cat and kitten training tips. If any of you have any ideas on how to go about opening the nursery door without much drama, please share your thoughts. At the end of the day I want to be able to exclaim: Venimus, vidimus, vicimus!

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