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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chihuahua Pictures | Junior's Back

Junior's back with his Rhodesian ridgeback siblings. Many of you asked if we're keeping him. That was the plan, but the Rhodesian ridgeback duo would have none of that. They are convinced that he'll grow up to be a rhodie someday.
In any case, as we're trying to put our home back in order, Junior's pictures will do. M only got a few hundred of them.

Today's edition of chihuahua pictures

Junior enjoying small dog treats

Junior getting ready for his trip to Hawaii

Junior hiding from me, the teacup chihuahua, behind the spotted dog
(like the plumbers, yesterday)

 What's this?
A brave chiweenie???

Junior passing my sniff test

I have a good idea of who is Junior's favorite from my pack.
It's the senior dog. Quick update: my older sissy is now on Rimadyl and she's comfortable
Awww, it's The Hand, another hand, not to be confused with the hand-shaped dog leash designed by Alice Wang!
I hope all of today's puppy cuteness didn't deter you from voting (tab up top: Furry Tails) in our latest pet photo contest (4 days left). I wonder who's going to win the pawesome prizes from Clean+Green by SeaYu!

Gotta mop!

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