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Thursday, May 12, 2011

And Kujo Was His Name-O

Dearest furiends and friends,

Lucky for us (NOT), we do not have to go through the expense of testing Pedrito for his breed. Nope. We don't need any dog DNA test to state what is slowly and painfully becoming obvious. Pedrito is a RAT TERRIER mix, aka TERRORISTA. Doesn't it all make sense? We think so. The temperament fits the bill; so does his high level of energy, his alertness, the deep chest, strong shoulders, his "intelligence", his love of water and swimming, his hardiness ... And now for our biggest clue(s):
Pedro started bringing home rats. He started out with field mice, progressed to rats and (drum roll here) yesterday he proudly brought us a . . . SQUIRREL! Yikes! Doesn't he know we used to run a squirrel rescue??? FYI, the squirrel was not much smaller than Pedro.

Pedro, the RAT TERRIER mix

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