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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pet Photo Contest A Howling Success

Back to reality, after National Dog Week. Today also marks the first day of voting on our pet photo contest: SHOW US YOUR TONGUE.

Click on the tab "Show Us Your Tongue" at the top of my blog


The results and the winners will be announced on
Dear Twinkie on Tuesday, October 5th

I can't describe what this contest meant to me. Sure, many of you are aware that it was a lot of work, but work is easy when it's fun. Speaking of FUN, that was the general consensus. I have read that word over and over again, and that and some dog caffeine, kept me going with a big smile under my whiskers.  I got several emails stating that getting the Show Us Your Tongue posts together was a lot of fun! That's like paying me in a million dog treats! I thank you all. 

I have a bit of 'splaining I want to do. One of the participants emailed their pet photos and added, "I hope this brings traffic to your site." This made me stop and think for a moment. These past few days, I've been pushing out of my mind a disturbing thought: I am not posting links to your blogs with this event. Of course, I never said I would, since this was a contest for any pet that wanted to participate, regardless of whether on not they had a blog. I do want to bring traffic to my site, don't we all? I would never, in my teacup chihuahua honor though, try to fool anybody. The proof is through GABE (the Global Animal Blogging Event). All the links are still up, and they will stay up for as long as it's within my power. One more thing. I think most of you know by now that Dear Twinkie, my Tuesday dog advice column "gives" links. I hope this answers evereybody's questions. It is all done in good faith in the animal blog-dom, or so I want to believe.

I thank you again for your entries, encouraging comments, and incredible support! I couldn't have done it without you and your tongues!

Now let's see who the lucky Yöghund winners are going to be . . .

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