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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chiweenie Exposé

I Can't Help It If The Chiweenie Provokes Me

Dear friends and furiends, my pack and I stand united because of a certain, ehem, pending cat-astrophe, and I've laid off my chiweenie sister for a while now. My intentions were noble, but the chiweenie is incorrigible, therefore, without apologies, allow me to demonstrate her latest shenanigans and the reason I can't stop making fun of her no matter how hard I try.

You probably know by now that our horse barn is a bit of an insane asylum.
Horses, humans, and an abundance of rescue dogs can't wait for their next horse barn visit. 
It's no wonder this goat wanted to join us.

Nathan the horse was perplexed. Apparently, he did not grow up in a farm.
He did enjoy the entertainment though.

Heck! Almost all of us rescue dogs were entertained.

Even our senior dog set her dog arthritis aside for a few minutes and enjoyed playing the game: Get that goat!

Murray, the doxie, the latest dog adoption loved the goat game too.

I decided to join in.

Tigger, the other chiweenie, had a blast!

The following incriminating photos may be disturbing to our brindle chiweenie's fans.


I think you get the picture.

I realize M has made a valiant effort to socialize our chiweenie. I saw the pictures and the certification and I know that our chiweenie is indeed a Canine Good Citizen. The ol' brindle has grown on me and I love her to pieces, BUT there's something seriously wrong with this dog! I believe a dog behaviorist is in order. 


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