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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Newborn Kittens | Full Debut

Having newborn kittens is disorienting. It's exhilarating, entertaining, a lot of work, and it makes one goofy and giddy. So, we asked for your help picking kitten names yesterday. Some of you had funny suggestions and some actually came up with cute kitten names. I'll include them all... But first, let me share with you some newborn kitten pictures.

Fresh out of the oven
"The Huddle"

The pack
All these cute kittens, with the exception of one need cute kitten names

Your kitten name suggestions so far: Sagira; Smiggle; Cuddles; Pataches; Toodles; Toby, Jeter, Ginger and/or Halle the Grand Diva (a bit of a mouthful as far as kitten names go); Stormy; Sprinkle(s); Misty; Thunder; Cloud; Ashley, Gracie or Cinder for a grey one; Madi, Captcha, Catcha, Fishface; Hamburger Helper, Mac&Cheese, or Pumpkin Pie (those from an obviously hungry friend); and Bunny, a not bad suggestion whatsoever.

And now back to more kitten pictures to better help us decide.

I also wanted to share with you a momma cat picture, so you can see how relieved and content she is
She did great and is very healthy and attentive to her newborn kittens, if only she'd stop attacking the hand that feeds her!

Puddles, the superstar
After making her debut yesterday, she's requested we add "Diva" to her name. We're humoring her, pretending we're considering it.

 All the happy newborn kittens

Now that you've seen them all, any more name suggestions? I'm sure you realize by now that we all eat, drink, sleep, and dream . . . kittens and that we'll be sharing kitten pictures and updates for a short while. Hope you enjoy!


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