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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dalmatian | Short Haired Pointer Escapee - The Resolution

Our family is not unlike most of yours. We fight and we make up. Our fights are unimportant, unless of course they're safety related; that's probably why our mom got mad at dalmatian lookalike yesterday when she escaped.

Today was a brand new day and all was forgotten. Mom had several talks with spotted dog, reminding her to wait for her hike. Linguini did as she was told for a change, so off we went to our beloved Arroyo Seco.

By the end of our long and leisurely hike, all of us, the dalmatian german shorthaired pointer, the tea cup chihuahua and the chiweenie, were all tired, thirsty, and happy to have a home to go back to. We saw some horses, passed some frisbee golfers, survived a landslide...

It was one beautiful afternoon. Dirty and exhausted we got in the car.

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