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Monday, November 16, 2009

Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Dalmatian | German Shorthaired Pointer Mix

Hope after the Station Fire
It was a couple of weeks ago, my older sister's birthday. Daisy, aka Linguini (from the way her body moves side to side like a wet noodle) celebrated her 10th! Happy happy birthday, sis. Anyhow, since it was Linguini's festive day, our mom took her on a hike without us little guys (Chihuahua and Chiweenie alike), so that she'd feel special.

Daisy aka Linguini
Dalmatian/Short Haired Pointer mix

They joined their friends Hank and Sue (two enormous Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and off they went, deep into Angeles Crest National forest right in the middle of the burned areas.

Hank, Sue, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Linguini

At first glance, the hike was going to be a sad one. Everything looked charbroiled and dead, but one just had to look a little closer. Yes, only a couple of weeks after the epic fire was finally put out, new signs of life.

When Mom and Linguini got home, we all squealed at the photos. Life is beautiful, isn't it? I was happy my sister got to have fun on her special day! She didn't have the easiest start in life either. Mom adopted her from a pound when she was really young. The pound told her that she's probably some type of Dalmatian/ German Shorthaired Pointer mix. When Linguini finally arrived at our home, she had a bad case of kennel cough, but she recovered. Everybody was pleased until she was attacked by one of the other dogs. She's lucky she survived. She's had a beautiful life since that incident and she DESERVES IT! 


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