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Friday, June 10, 2011

Puff Doggie!

You've all heard about Puff Daddy, but 
Puff Doggie, huh?

Our senior spotted dog, Linguini, did it again. She had us rushing to the dog vet once more. We didn't fear the worst this time. We're all becoming accustomed to the odd things that are happening to her. WTD?!

 Within a few minutes, our beloved Linguini's forehead went from this to . . .

. . . THIS!

The dog vet discovered it was an abscess. Spotted senior dog's abscess was drained by syringe and she was sent home with antibiotics strong enough for a horse. Of course, she hurled them. M's got a grip by now. She adds some probiotics and a bit of yogurt to Linguini's food, waits a few minutes after each meal and then gives her the antibiotic. She's also, as per the vet's instructions, doing hot compresses three times a day. 

Our girl's health is improving fast!

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