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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Offended Teacup Chihuahua | Hasta La Vista, Baby

Something terrible and shocking happened at my house yesterday, right in the middle of my part of the contest over at Mango Minster, M lost me! Let me tell you exactly what happened.
Earlier that day, we went on a hike. On our way out, I was afraid to go out the door. What if the monster closed while I was trying to get in the garage? What if it flattened me? I have to think about this stuff. M picked me up and off we went. On our way back, her hands were full. You guessed right. I was stuck in an empty cold garage for an entire 7,200 seconds, I was locked in there, like the garbage cans that surrounded me.
After a lifetime of abandonment, I finally heard M go, "Where's the Twink?" I wasn't gonna respond. Huh! She lost me, she better find me, right? The decibel level was going up. I could hear her screaming now, both inside and outside the house; front and back yard. Inside, she opened and closed all the doors and cabinets. She was pleading with Linguini and Frankie to tell her where I was. You see, we live in the mountains, among raccoons, owls, hawks, bob cats, coyotes and mountain lions. All of them are very valid threats to me.
At long last, the door to the garage opened and M squealed. After picking me up and taking me to the nearest heating pad, she started cussing herself out. Yup, yup, true story. That's when I made up my mind.

I asked Frankie to pack my suitcase. She even packed IT!
(for the non-followers and the half-arse ones too: IT was the decoration I was subjected to for a recent Valentine's Day dog photo contest session, the pink sssnake with the hearts)

Meanwhile, Bob was overseeing and I was worried he'd tell M.

Okay, chiweenie, I got it from here! 
(I could tell she was drooling over my chewy)

Whaat? Oh, the cable? I don't go anywhere without my heating pad.

Indeed, Bob was not concerned.

You should have thought of it sooner, Frankie.
I suppose we have time for a few zzzs. 

After my nap, I'll decide how to proceed. Meanwhile, if any of you have room for a tiny teacup chihuahua furiend who will not eat you out of house and home (hear ye, hear ye parents of Mango, Tucker, Darwin, Remington, Wolfies, and ... I don't need to embarrass everybody), do drop me a line. 

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