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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dog Beach | Dog Training Tips | Bonus Restaurant Reviews

My family has been too busy recently and we haven't really had a day off in a while. When M was invited to Gladstone's of Malibu for lunch yesterday, she decided she could use a little time off, so she grabbed Frankie and me and off we went. We went to Malibu and more specifically Gladsone's, a landmark restaurant.
Warning: under new management

Finding a dog beach was not a priority since M isn't one to obey rules. She even snuck us inside the restaurant. Sorry, no photos available since we were "under cover". All you need to know is, the carry-on's zipper often came undone as M's hand offered us dog treats from the table. [Dog training tip #1: always behave and softly gaze upon the diners lovingly] Yum! I wasn't too anxious to get to the dog beach since I was already in heaven nibbling on calamari.

We moved outside to enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze and to allow us, the smuggled ones, to stretch our limbs. [Dog training tip #2: gently stretch inside the carry on, demonstrating how restricted your movement is, and don't forget the adorable look] M and company were discussing the Pacific Coast Highway robbery after receiving an abominable  price gouging that was as offensive as the entire experience, with the exception of our skilled and sweet waitress.
Oh, the sun felt good!

It had been heated from the sun and doubled as a most appropriate heating pad alternative

Of course, the brat had to scope out the situation first
What if there were any Chimeanies around?

Yikes, she finally emerged and blocked my sun
[Dog training tip #3: look exasperated and some human will oblige and remove the "obstacle" as they did with Frankie! I tell you, these dog training tips work!]

After we got kicked out of the deck, because Gladstone's of Malibu has become a rather unfriendly place under their new management, and I don't mean just to us dogs, we moved down to the beach. There were no signs that required us to be on leash, so Frankie and I went wild. It was our first visit to the beach ever! [Dog training tip #4: look longingly towards the direction you want your humans to take you, over and over, until you catch their eye]
Hasta la vista, Gladstone's of Malibu

I'll share more about it and specifically the dog beach tomorrow, but I think I made my point. Forget the old glorious Gladstone's of Malibu (aka Gladstone's 4 Fish). It's gone. Heck, even the staple peanuts they offered by the barrel are gone. For those who have never been, let me explain that Gladstone's used to be a pretty simple beach restaurant with a hippy vibe and a ton of peanut shells all over the ground. With the peanuts gone and the silly rules that vary from one area of the establishment to the next, it's become just a plain tourist trap, and we're no tourists! We're all informed bloggers. 

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