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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Brother I Never Met

When my animal lover humans first met, they were faced with a major decision. She already had Us (me and the rest of the blog gang, 6 dogs and 7 cats), and he had two boy doggies; Bubba and Rocket, aka The Boyz. The Boyz were ... trouble. Both rescues, both aggressive, both outweighing most from my pack. So, fearing for Us and all seven of our naive kitties, the humans made an extremely tough decision: The Boyz were to stay at their initial forever home, and we were to meet them when they "slowed" down; they were both, by this time, considered senior dogs, but they sure didn't act like it! 
Fortunately for Bubba, but perhaps unfortunately for our humans who loved him and wished to bring him home every day, he never slowed down. Overnight, he just went to sleep. He simply never woke up. 


Bubba, the ferocious, beautiful brindle Pitbull mix will be forever remembered by his humans and the many he touched (and occasionally bit) during his long lifetime. 

Bubba was always aggressive. The first and the second family that adopted him, could not deal with him. They wanted to get rid of him. To Bubba's good fortune, a dog lover, my pawrent, heard all the bad stories about him and went for a visit at the second family's home. He found Bubba hiding under a table, baring his teeth, and lunging at anything that moved near him. That puppy needed a home and he got it!
Lil' Bubba remained aggressive. When he got a brother, Baby Rocket, a Chow mix, Bubba attacked. He was sent to obedience school to learn how to stop being aggressive and to play nicely with his brother. He came back home many days and dollars later. The trainer placed him and his bro in a large enclosure and watched. The two watched each other for about an hour when they finally couldn't take it any longer. Muzzles were flying, as they each tried to grab the other. The trainer grabbed the hose... To sum it up, after all his training, Bubba had only learned how to walk well on leash. His nickname was Kujo.
Bubba and his purple-tongued bro, Rocket, were both alpha males and fought most of their lives, but they somehow also got along. There was no option of rehoming either one of them. Aggressive Pitbull mixes are the last to find a home, and aggressive Chows, don't fare well either. 
By the time our humans decided to join their lives, the stories of Bubba's ruthlessness belonged in the past, still my pack is a vulnerable one: we me, Twinkie, the lightweight 3-legged teacup; Frankie, the scaredy-cat brindle chiweenie that squeals at the sight of another dog; Pedro, Mr. I'm Da Boss, aka El Diablo; Sasha, the ADHD slightly aggressive Great Dane; Ziggy, an ailing dog that suffers from Wobbler's and can't even move some times; and we finally have a spotted senior dog, Linguini, that can barely move. 
At first, our humans used The Boyz' two story home and yard as a kennel only. They referred to it as "the world's most expensive kennel." After a few months, a couple moved into the house. Part of the deal was that they would at least try to take care of the boys. They did that and more. They cared for the boys.
That all brings us to today, the day sweet Bubba decided to go to sleep, forever, at his forever home. We got a call early this morning. Rocket is upset, missing his lifetime best rival and best furiend. He is on his way here.

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