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Friday, June 25, 2010

Newborn Kitten Fever

It was to be expected. Nobody can sustain such cuteness overload without being affected. It hit M big time. She's building an outdoor enclosure for the cats. My worry is that she'll have us live in the outdoor cat enclosure and give the house to the cats. I will share with you photos of the cat enclosure once the project is completed.
The cute newborn kittens are now two weeks old. Their eyes are open and they play with each other. Their mom takes excellent care of them. A funny thing happened last night. Out of the two calico kittens, one started turned muted calico. It barely shows in the pictures but it will become more obvious in a couple of days. M even shot a special calico kitten video, for the cat lovers:

Calico Kitten Video:

We did take into consideration all the cute kitten names you suggested, but so far it's impossible to name them with the exception of the calicos. Calico kitten names: Puddles and Pebbles.

Kitten pictures:

We call him Trouble for now
He's the most active, curious, animated and interactive of the kittens



More playing

Playing all day long

The calicos are playful too
The muted one is on top

When they're not playing, they're eating or sleeping

Off to pester M to see if we're going to get dinner today. If it comes down to it, I'm going to start eating cat food soon. How bad can it be?

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